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Rash Talk Recap

Best friends Stella and Kate are celebrating the first step in starting their own business. Kate is wary, since Stella has been known to give up and quit other jobs, but Stella assures Kate that this will be different. They open some champagne to celebrate and Stella cuts herself on the wire wrapping.

At home, Evan is complaining to Hank about sleeping on the sofa to accommodate Divya, their guest. Hank tells him to stop whining, that they are each taking turns on the sofa, and that Divya is their friend, but Evan starts in about Divya's bathroom habits when she enters. She tells them the good news, she has found a place to live, and wants to cook them a thank you dinner. When she leaves, Evan starts complaining again, wondering if Divya will be cooking Indian food when Paige enters. She brings a box of mail that accumulated at Boris' residence while they were staying at Ms. Newberg's. Divya enters saying that Jill called and Hank and Divya leave. Paige volunteers to help Evan go through the mail.

Jill takes them to Stella and Kate's new business where Kate has injured herself putting up a shelf. Hank removes a drill bit that Kate had managed to drill into her foot. Out front, Divya tells Stella that Kate needs a tetanus shot but is otherwise fine. Stella starts coughing but says she is just overworked getting the store going. Divya leaves her business card and advises her to call if her symptoms get worse. As they all leave the store, Divya hands Hank his half of the day's workload and suggests they get some coffee while they have the time. Jill makes up a story about a new patient and she and Hank leave for a quick booty call.

Hank treats Evelyn, an author who has injured her arm. Her arm is not broken but Hank recommends an X-ray to make sure there are no hairline fractures. Evelyn's husband Charles wanders in, intent on confronting a neighbor, Jerry Douglass, who is allowing his dog to do it's business in Charles' back yard. Charles shouts at his neighbor to no avail, then springs his trap, dumping compost on top of Jerry's head and shoulders. Hank helps Jerry clean up using the garden hose. He then examines his eyes and airway for any residual effects and finds nothing.

Evan returns home to find a trail of letters leading to his bedroom, where he finds Paige waiting for him with all of the mail sorted into piles. She bribes him that she will grant him a wish for every pile he goes through. Evan starts in at light speed when he find a a letter from the Department of Justice regarding his father, Eddie. The letter says Eddie will have a parole hearing on the next Monday. However, the letter states a deadline for providing any supporting information that might help Eddie, but the deadline is long past. Paige suggests they might bend the rules, but Evan is doubtful.

Stella and Kate are working at their other jobs as house maids when Stella notices something about her hands that alarms her.

That evening, Evan is telling Hank about the letter and Eddie's parole, reminding Hank that they speak to their father weekly by phone and he has never mentioned a parole hearing. Divya comes in with a dish she prepared for her thank you dinner. Evan is suspicious when he sees and smells the dish that it is indeed Indian food. Divya says it is a family recipe and the boys try it. Both tell her it is delicious and as she steps away for another dish, both men scramble for some water as their mouths are on fire.

Just then Stella arrives and shows Hank her hands which both have rashes on them. Hank applies a skin test patch on her back and tells her it will show if she is allergic to any component of the cleaning products she has been using. She is confused because she created the products herself out of all natural components, and has never had problems before. She confesses that she outsourced the manufacture of the products and is worried because she has been leaving samples in every home they have been cleaning. She is also concerned this will ruin her new business with Kate and also might lead to losing her friendship with Kate. Hank tells her it might be related to a virus if she has the flu, and Divya reminds her about her cough.

When Hank removes the patch, it does not indicate any allergies, which seems to clear the cleaning products. Hank advise her to let him know if the rash gets any larger and Stella leaves.

Hank stops by Evelyn's to reveal that her X-ray was negative, but she is still experiencing stiffness in her shoulder. Hank starts demonstrating some exercises to relieve her problem when he notices her jugular vein is enlarging every time she inhales. An examination suggests to Hank some involvement with her heart.

Evan and Paige are relaxing in the hot tub where Evan is leaving messages with the Department of Corrections about his father. After his seventh call, he sets his phone down next to Paige's when he hears a ring. He grabs her phone by mistake and answers it, but Paige quickly takes it away from him and asks the caller if she can call them back later. Evan asks if everything is okay, and is surprised when she is angry with him for answering her phone.

Hank arrives and tries to calm Evan down about their father, saying they will call him later in the day and find out what is going on. Evan leaves, still troubled. Hank asks Paige how she is doing, then offers her a list of alternate doctors for whatever problem she is having that she asked about in the last episode. She leaves quickly, telling Hank that he should never talk about that subject again.

Stella is cleaning another home, when she experiences some dizziness. Kate calls for her, then seeks her out to find her in the shower, fully clothed. Her entire exposed skin is red in color and she says it feels like it is on fire.

Hank examines Stella again and does a skin biopsy. The laboratory will test the samples for skin diseases, and Hank recommends an MRI and EEG. He also advises she go home and rest, and Kate assures him it will happen, and Hank walks them to their car.

Divya starts to call Jill to arrange the tests when she deduces that Jill is actually upstairs. She calls out and Jill comes downstairs, adjusting her clothing. Divya asks why the secrecy, and Jill explains that she and Hank feel better not having to explain to their friends, when they both have expressed uncertainty about their futures in the Hamptons.

Hank arrives home to find Evan in his van eating junk food, just so he doesn't have to eat any more of Divya's cooking. Hank apologizes and ask how the phone call went with their dad. Evan reports that Eddie said the hearing was a formality and that he has it covered, and they didn't need to attend. Evan reads between the lines and thinks that means their father wants them there. Hank asks why he doesn't take Eddie's word at face value, and Evan asks why Hank has been hooking up with Jill when he has been telling everyone they are broken up. Hank accepts the rebuke and quietly leaves.

Hank stops by once again to check on Jerry since Evelyn told him he refused to come to the door so Charles could apologize. Jerry finally opens the door and tells Hank that he is going to sue Charles for his injuries, including his bloodshot eyes and a skin rash. He expects to use Hank as an expert witness in his case. Hank thinks his eyes are the result of excessive washing, and Jerry reveals he tried some diluted bleach on his skin to remove the odor of the compost. Hank tells him the bleach actually burned his skin, but gives him some cream to treat it and tells him he will be fine. While treating Jerry, an idea occurs to him about Stella and he quickly leaves.

Hank and Divya arrive at Stella's house, but the door is locked and she is not answering, Hank theorizes she received some antibiotics from her visit to urgent care when she cut her thumb on the champagne bottle and she may be allergic to them. They worry that her skin might peel off and it would be very easy for an infection to take hold and shutdown her organs. Kate arrives but she has no key either. They go around back and find Stella on her deck having a seizure. Hank manages to stop the seizure but notices the rash on her hands is larger, and that she now has a rash on her stomach.

Stella arrives at the hospital by ambulance where Dr. Redliner is waiting. He confirms that Hank's theory on Stella's illness is correct, and sends Stella to the burn unit. Hank counsels Kate about Stella's condition and listens to her fears about losing Stella, so soon after losing her husband.

Hank checks on Evelyn who has seen a cardiologist. The specialist found fluid around her heart and was able to successfully treat her. Both she and her husband are grateful to Hank for seeing the early symptoms. Jerry arrives in their yard again, leading his dog to do its business in their yard once again. Instead of blowing up, Charles is calm and polite, grateful for the series of events that led to Hank being able to save his wife. He then proposes investing in HankMed. Hank thanks him but declines, then has an idea. The next time he checks on Stella, who is rapidly on the way to recovery, and tells her and Kate that Charles is interested in investing in their small business.

At home, Divya tells Hank and Evan that her application for a lease was denied because she has no credit history, so she will be staying awhile. Evan tells her he can help her with that problem when Jill arrives. She notices the looks on everyone's face and realizes they all know about her and Hank.

Paige asks Evan to get her phone out of her purse. Suspecting a trap, based on the last time he touched her phone, he warily opens her purse to find some of the candy sticks he told her about from his childhood. She tells him she tracked down the few remaining candies from 1992 and he asks if that is what the call was about. She lies and tells him yes and he thinks it all makes sense now.

Evan decided to be honest with Divya about her cooking when Jill brings in some pizza boxes. She tells him Hank already talked with her about her cooking, and she was okay with it, since she hates to cook anyway.

Hank tells Evan that he has changed his mind about their dad, and thinks they should attend the parole hearing.

Written by pentar on Jul 11, 2016

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