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The Shaw/Hank Redemption Recap

Florida penitentiary – 8 months ago.

Eddie R. Lawson is spending his first day in prison. He is extremely nervous, and jumps at every motion that he sees out of the corner of his eye. A man named Shaw introduces himself and professes his innocence. He gives Eddie advice on how to survive.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, Shaw is being released. He speaks with Bill, a guard who he is friendly with. While they talk, Shaw sees a glowing light around Bill and asks where the nearest church is. He also mentions he needs to get to Austin to see a girl, then asks Bill to look after Eddie. He climbs in a waiting limousine and leaves.

Today – Hank and Evan arrive at the prison to see their Dad and attend his parole hearing. As they walk through the prison yard, they see inmates playing catch with a baseball, playing ping pong, playing cards, etc. Evan comments is it nothing like “Oz”. A prison representative greets them and tells them that Eddie has been doing fine after opening jitters. He mentions that Eddie qualified for home detention and has been staying at a sponsor's house in Palm Beach for the last three weeks. The boys, taken by surprise, leave.

Hank and Evan are driving to Palm Beach to see their father. Evan is speaking on the phone with Eddie's lawyer, Nola, who tells them Eddie is busing tables at a restaurant. Hank teases Evan about how he was speaking to Nola, saying he was flirting. Evan denies the accusation, and then tells Hank he is going to propose to Paige and wants to give her their mother's ring. Hank hesitates before he congratulates Evan, knowing that Paige is hiding something and cautions Evan that he should get to know more about Paige. Evan is hurt that Hank is not fully supporting him.

At home, Divya comes downstairs to see Marisa trying to use the ultrasound machine on herself to see her unborn baby. Divya gives her a hand and declares the baby looks fine and healthy. Marisa mentions she will give birth at the local hospital, much to Divya's surprise. Divya expected that Boris would want to use the most exclusive and renowned facilities in New York, but Marisa says it is her choice. Marisa mentions she is worried about Boris and is glad that Divya will be looking in on him, and requests Boris not be told the sex of the child.

Hank and Evan arrive in Palm Beach and meet Nola at the restaurant where Eddie works. When they ask for Eddie, a young black man shows up answering to their father's name. It turns out Eddie paid someone to do his busboy job and is now in danger of violating his home detention agreement and could be subject to longer jail time. Nola recommends they find him and make sure he appears at his parole hearing.

Divya examines Boris in his home, clearly nervous. He asks about Marisa's pregnancy but she cannot talk about it. Her examination reveals higher than normal blood pressure and she recommends a few invasive tests, but he demurs, wanting to speak with Hank.

The boys arrive at the home of Eddie's sponsor, an immense mansion where a party is in full swing. The home belongs to Shaw Morgan, Eddie's friend from prison, and an infamous Internet hacker. Shaw comes into the room and starts yelling for everyone to leave. Eddie follows him, trying to calm him down. Hank and Evan get their Dad's attention and he is surprised to see them there. When Shaw looks at the three men, he again sees the glowing halo like light surrounding them. Shaw then unplugs a turntable and takes it outside to throw it away and collapses in the yard. He is complaining of headaches and claims it is God trying to tell him something.

When asked, Shaw tells them he is not Eddie's sponsor, just his friend. Hank points out that Eddie is supposed to be at work, not hanging out with a convicted felon. Eddie claims he only missed one shift, but his friend Shaw needed him. Eddie claims Shaw saved his life and Shaw claims it was Eddie who saved him. Eddie then tells how Shaw took a beating intended for him from some other inmates, and when Eddie used CPR to revive him, Shaw saw the glowing halo for the first time. He said it reminded him of a girl named Jenny, who always wanted him to be a man of faith. He is preparing to fly to Austin to find her, but Hank cautions against that, indicating he might have a concussion. Eddie suggests Hank examine him and says he knows where there might be proper facilities they can use.

In the Hamptons, Divya and Jill are having dinner and Divya is confessing she is having confidence issues without Hank around. She mentions the episode with Boris, without mentioning his name, but Jill quickly guesses correctly who she is talking about.

Hank does a battery of tests on Shaw, but the results are inconclusive. Hank suggests a neurologist would be able to better interpret the tests and determine if Shaw has any permanent damage. Hank then asks Eddie about the clinic and retirement community that they utilized for Shaw's tests. Eddie reveals it was built by the man who sponsored him for home detention, Ted Roth. As Eddie leaves with Shaw, Hank and Evan agree something is fishy with their Dad's situation. Evan decides to check up on Ted Roth.

Marisa knocks on Divya's door stating that she is having contractions, but reluctant to go to the hospital just yet. Divya examines her and declares the baby is coming. Jill calls Boris who leaves a business meeting at a run to get to Marisa.

Boris finds Marisa yelling in pain as the contractions occur and as she pushes the baby out. Divya calls a halt as she sees the umbilical cord is looped around the baby's head. Boris panics and yells at Divya to cut it, but Marisa says no, she needs it intact. Divya calmly works the loop from around the baby, and delivers the child, a boy.

Evan meets Ted Roth on the golf course who mistakes him for a neighbor's attorney. He thinks one of his neighbors is worried he has an ex-con living with him and that will decrease their property value. He assures Evan that Eddie is just visiting and may or may not make parole, but will definitely be out of his house by Monday.

Marisa is holding her baby while Divya extracts blood and material from the umbilical cord. Suddenly, the baby appears to be in distress. Divya quickly ensures he gets some oxygen and is confident he is just experiencing “wet lungs” a common condition for newborns and easily treated at the hospital. While she is working with the baby, Boris leans close and whispers encouragement to his son, an indication he has deeper feelings for him than he thought he would.

Shaw is getting baptized as part of his new found faith. Eddie is filming the procedure and tells Hank that he is helping Shaw because he was his only friend in prison, and that Shaw seems to need him, having lost his self-confidence and cocky attitude he had while inside. Eddie wants to help Shaw be reunited with his daughter Gina, who lives with her mother Jenny in Austin. When Shaw emerges from the water, he seems disoriented and removes his shirt, indicating he will just swim to Austin. Hank notices the tattoo on his back which appears to be infected. He tells Shaw he will put a rush on the blood tests he submitted. He tells Eddie that Shaw cannot be left alone, but Eddie tells him he can't stay because of his ankle tracking bracelet. Hank agrees to stay with him until he discovers what is wrong with him.

Hank and Evan are staying with Shaw at his mansion and using his hot tub, When Evan steps out of the tub naked, the scars on Evan's backside remind him of the shooting accident with Paige's father, and causes Hank to realize that Shaw doesn't have a rash on his back from the tattoos, but as a result of being shot as a kid. When x-rays are taken, they reveal dozens of lead pellets embedded in Shaw's back, causing lead poisoning. They had been dormant until the prison beating and are now leeching lead into his system, causing his disorientation and visions.

Marisa and her baby are loaded into an ambulance. Divya tries to apologize to Boris for her earlier overzealous diagnosis, but he refuses to hear it, complimenting her on her professionalism with the delivery. Boris makes his driver available to Jill to take the umbilical blood samples to storage should the baby need it someday.

Shaw is loaded into an ambulance while Hank assures Eddie he will be alright. Just then Ted Roth drives up in a golf cart and Eddie drops a bomb. He introduces Ted as his father, Hank and Evan's grandfather. Eddie and Ted have been fighting and holding a grudge against one another for 40 years, and Eddie told the boys his father was dead. Hank realizes what the “R” in Eddie R. Lawson stands for, Roth.

Just then the ambulance driver comes running up. Shaw jumped from his truck when he stopped at the gate. They all head for the water assuming Shaw still wants to swim to Austin. When they get there, Eddie's ankle bracelet starts beeping, indicating he had missed curfew and is not where he should be, which is at the home of his sponsor. They search down the beach and find a pair of shoes and tracks that lead into the water, but no Shaw.

Jill is being driven to the blood bank by Boris' driver when suddenly there is a loud crash, the limousine has been t-boned by another vehicle.

Written by pentar on Jul 11, 2016

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