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Wake Up Grassroots: The Nine Virtues of Participatory Democracy, and How We Can Keep America Great by Encouraging an Informed Electorate Recap

Jules Mooser talks to her neighbor Noah Feffer as he goes into his apartment next door. That night, they go to sleep in their beds in their separate apartments. The bugs enter both of their heads and the next morning, they clean up their brains. They go online and Jules comments against Democrats, and listens to anti-liberal news. Meanwhile, Noah posts angry comments against Republicans.

As Noah and Julies drive to work, Noah yells at Jules to turn down her radio. When she cranks it up, they ram each other back and forth and Jules finally gets the upper hand.

Laurel and Anthony meet for drinks and discuss their nicknames. She finally asks Anthony if terrorists are responsible for the CHIs. He says that they figure it's a medical condition, and Laurel explains about screwworms. Gareth comes in with a newscaster, Misty Alise, and she recognizes Laurel as one of the Healys. Gareth asks her about the One Wayers and says that they've received calls from them supporting the government shutdown, and hints that Misty might look into it.

Gareth goes to the bar to get a martini, just as Laurel goes up to get drinks. He warns her that she's with an FBI agent and she has to watch out for him because he sells himself to the lowest bidder. Laurel figures that Gareth is jealous and goes back to Anthony. Gustav comes in and waves to Laurel to come over, sand she reluctantly meets him outside. He tells her that he got some bugs from his cat, Zeke, which he brought in a carrier. Anthony comes out and says that he just got a text that work needs him, and Gustav quickly moves him along. He claims that he didn't text Anthony, and says that they have to get Zeke to Rochelle for a CAT scan.

At the hospital, Rochelle scans Zeke and they finally determine that the cat is missing half the brain. She checks the cat's ear and discovers that it's dead in one ear and off-balance.

Ella stumbles to a conference room and meets with Luke and Daniel Tabak. Tabak says that he's going to withdraw all the money that he's bundled them unless they settle the shutdown. He tells Gareth to slash one agency as a show good of faith because he needs a compromise. Ella tells Tabak to shove his money and threatens him with a capital gains tax, ut Luke says that they'll cut the NEA. Ella walks out and Tabak says that they'll wrap it up.

At his apartment, Gareth is watching Laurel's video about choirs and donates some money. Misty calls him into bed, and Gareth shuts off the video and says that he's coming.

The next day, Misty interviews Red about the One Wayers. Red says that they feel that they're losing their country and they're going to make it good again. Gareth is watching from off-stage and smirks at Misty, who smirks back.

Laurel meets with Noah, who says that he was in a car crash but he's fine. He says that he's angry about everything, including Luke cutting the NEA. Noah insists that Luke is giving in to the facists and says that Luke needs to stand up to the Republicans. He asks why Luke isn't angry and insists that they need a political revolution. Laurel glances at Scarlett outside and abruptly sends Noah out. As he walks out, he stumbles into the door and Laurel notices.

Later, Laurel tells Luke what Noah said as they head to their meeting. Scarlett is with them and says that the Capital police are busy. They go to the meeting with Red, Gareth, Ella, and Tabak. Laurel and Gareth wait outside and hear Ella and Red arguing. Misty's show is running, and Laurel sarcastically says that she's Gareth's girlfriend. They snipe back and forth.

Inside, Red demands that the Democrats cut two other departments. He insists that there are hundreds of people telling them to hold the line, and gets the One Way emails from Gareth. As he goes back in, Red stumbles. Gareth notices that Laurel is watching, and she points out that Red leans to the right when he walks. She asks if Red is deaf in one ear, and then asks Gareth to turn up the TV. The CDC is recalling three experimental blood pressure medications because of side effects.

Laurel meets with Rochelle and Gustav, and Rochelle says that her father didn't have high blood pressure. She says that she'll call a friend with the CDC and find out what they're thinking. Meanwhile, Laurel discovers that her film got an anonymous donation for $750.10. She remembers that Gareth mentions that exact amount at the bar the previous night.

Jules and several other One Wayers meet with Gareth and talk about how they're angry that they're losing their country. She demands action and Gareth says that Red wants them to form the One Wayers. Laurel comes in and she finally thanks him for $750.10. Gareth tries to deny it but Laurel doesn't believe him. As she goes, Gareth talks to her privately and says that the shutdown is out of control. The Majority leader, Senator Andre Amarant, agrees, and was in a screaming fight with Red over it. Without the moderates, Amarant doesn't have enough votes. Laurel wonders if she should trust Gareth, and he says that it's up to her.

Laurel calls Luke and tells her what Gareth told her. He wonders if Laurel is sleeping with Gareth, and she hangs up. She hears someone moving in the shadow and tries to get out, and Noah confronts her and demands her help. He rants about what will happen if they lose the NEA and then draws a knife from a PBS show, The Splendid Table. Angry, she walks around Noah and leaves as he shouts about all the PBS shows that they're losing.

The next day, Luke meets with Amarant secretly. Amarant says that the extremists are going insane and says that he has 31 moderates. The One Wayers are threatening to kick them out if they side with the Republicans, and Luke suggests that they negotiate a sequestration. Amarant figures that he can hold his 31 with that, but they realize that Red and Ella won't agree. Luke says that he'll find a way to sideline them, and the two men shake hands.

Laurel is going through the files on Noah when Scarlett comes in. Scarlett says that she cleared out the visitor names from the previous days, and says that Laurel has some visitors. It's Gustav, Rochelle, and Rochelle's friend Dexter Wu. Dexter examines the CAT scans and admits that there's something odd. Gustav says that he took the pills and nothing happened, and Dexter suggests that the black dots are artifacts from a malfunctioning CT scan. He says that he needs more, and Gustav explains his theory. Dexter says that he'll show them to his boss, but he'll need to see a human who is infected.

Soon, Laurel and Rochelle go to see Abby. Laurel explains that she's helping Rochelle tracknew disease in the DC area, and they suspect Abby has it. Abby figures that Laurel is jealous of her success and insists that she's doing well. She refuses to let Rochelle check her and quickly ushers them out. Laurel tells Rochelle that there might be another way.

Gareth reviews Anthony's file.

Rochele and Laurel call Anthony in and suggest that Abby has Lyme disease. They suggests that he bring Abby in for a CAT scan because she's resisting custody for observation. As they talk, Laurel notices Gareth outside. She goes out and he says that he was just going to leave some information. When Anthony comes out, Gareth says that he'll give it to her later. Laurel does the introductions and Anthony says that he's going to Abby's in an hour. Once Anthony leaves, Gareth gives Laurel the envelope with the information.

At Abby's apartment, Anthony introduces himself to Abby and explains that they've been following up an infection. He asks that she let the CDC do a CAT scan of her brain, and she figures that he's doing it for Laurel. Abby calmly out to the balcony and jumps from her third-story apartment.

Jules and the One Wayers tell Gareth that they've bought a domain and will have everything ready in a few hours. She says that they'll have links to bomb-making materials, and Jules assures Gareth that it's all legal. He wonders why they need bombs, and Jules says that they need them to defend their country from Democrats. Gareth points out that they can't kill them and says that they can't do it. Laurel barges in and throws the file on Gareth's desk, and says that he can't do it. He escorts her out and Laurel tells him to stay out of her life. Gareth points out that there are photos of Anthony waterboarding, and Laurel insists that it wasn't Anthony. As they talk, Anthony calls Laurel and tells her what happened to Abby.

Laurel goes to Abby's apartment where the police are securing the crime scene. Anthony comes over and offers his condolences to Laurel, and holds her as she breaks into tears. He says that it had nothing to do with them, and Abby was depressed. Anthony talked to her friend, Stacie, who said that there were a lot of changes in Abby's life.

Luke and Amarant meet once Ella and Red are called to a show to do an interview. They hold a Senate meeting with themselves and one other elderly Senator--since only three are necessary for a consent vote--and vote for sequestration.

Scarlett sees the CNN broadcast and texts Ella.

Luke and Amarant call in the other Senators and prepare to cast the vote.

Ella excuses herself, saying that there's a vote that she's needed at. Red leaves as well, and Luke, watching the show, realizes that they're on the move. He signals to Amarant, who speeds up the roll call vote.

Red and Ella try to take the subway and discover that it's closed. They finally get to the Senate just as the vote passes. Luke comes out and Red promises that he's dead: literally.

Laurel and Rochelle meet at Laurel's apartment and Laurel wonders if the infection made Abby kill herself. Rochelle admits that it's no infection that she's heard of, and Laurel wonders if Stacie is infected as well. She worries that she's getting paranoid, and Rochelle congratulates her on Luke opening the government again. Anthony arrives and Rochelle excuses herself to head home. Inside, Anthony says that he feels bad about what happened and Laurel pours herself a drink. She says that she saw the Senate torture report and Anthony is in it. He admits that he was in Iraq and says that he was a whistleblower. He's in the report because he named names, nothing more. Laurel believes him and apologizes for thinking the opposite, and Anthony kisses her. he apologizes and Laurel tells him not to, and they kiss again. They end up in bed, and Laurel waits until Anthony dozes off afterward and then checks the Internet on the shutdown. There's video of Luke saying that it's statesmanship at its best. Laurel calls Luke and congratulates him, and he warns that they're heading into an angry time. She then brings up a video of rioting and Red talking about a Senate coup. Both Jules and Noah are protesting against the sequestration and preaching revolution.

The next morning, Laurel wakes up on the couch and discovers that Anthony is still asleep. She lies next to him, waking him up, she notices that he's having trouble hearing in one ear.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 12, 2016

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