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The Walls of Jericho Recap

In Costa Rica, soldiers are lurking in the jungle, guns ready. They tranq a sloth and prepare it for transport.

In New Brunswick, Jamie and Logan make their way through the forest. She complains that he's lied to her, and Logan insists that he didn't want her to run and he's told her everything. They hear animals growling in the distance, and Logan prepares to fire a shot to scare them off. Jamie warns that he'll attract more animals, and Logan lowers the gun. When he complains that it's freezing, Jamie says that they have to burn his money to provide heat or die. Logan reluctantly agrees and dumps out the money.

On the plane, Mitch tells Jackson that his blood test shows that he's mutating like Janos. He then shows Jackson his DNA, and he and the other phase 2 mutations have a new string of genes. Mitch says that he might have a way to fix Jackson, and says that the genes on Jackson's new DNA strands are switched off. As they come on, Jackson will change in five weeks until he isn't himself anymore. Mitch figures that if he can save Jackson then he can save the animals... and if not then it's over.

Logan cleans Jamie's foot and wonders why she thinks her friends will look for her in Caraquet. She's sure that Mitch will see the sign she left on the cabin roof. They spot a vehicle on the road and Jamie waves to it. Logan pulls her down and kicks out the fire, and admits that he might not have told her everything. He says that they need to go and pulls her off into the woods.

On the plane, Dariela approaches Abe and suggests that they take a break. He says that they can't, and explains that he's working out the search area they should cover to find Jamie. Abe explains that they're on their own now that Eleanor is dead, and Dariela warns that five people can't stop the Noah Objective and save the animals. She says that they're going to lose, and admits that she hasn't decided if she's with them, and they go to bed together.

Chloe goes to the lab and realizes that Jackson told Mitch about his condition. She says that Davies' men transported a sloth from Costa Rica to Vancouver, and it was capable of creating earthquakes. The sloth developed a low-frequency infrasound call that could cause tremors, and Mitch concedes that it's possible. They need the sloth so that Mitch can analyze the mutation and possibly save Jackson's life.

In Vancouver, scientists analyze the sloth after putting it in a soundproof case. As Davies arrives, the building shakes and the scientist says that the sloth isn't causing the tremor. They get outside and drive off just as the building collapses.

Later, the team arrives at the wrecked building... unaware that something is lurking in the ground below the rubble. Meanwhile, Abe realizes that Mitch needs the sloth and wonders why it's so important. Jackson starts to explain but Chloe cuts him off and merely says that Mitch thinks the sloth can provide a cure. Dariela talks to witnesses and confirms that military trucks drove away with a large crate. As they figure Davies was there, Mitch calls them over to a sewer tunnel. He's found mole holes in the foundation, and figures that moles attacked the building. Moles work alone and only come together to procreate, and Mitch figures that they were following the low-frequency vibration of the sloth. An animal growls in the distance, but Mitch finds a large mole tunnel and figures that it leads to the sloth.

Logan finally tells Jamie that the vehicle they saw belongs to the men who hired him. Jamie demands an explanation and Logan finally says that he took the down payment from the buyer. If he finds out they burned the money, they're both dead. Several men step out of the woods and their leader, Mason Perkins, says that they want what's theirs.

Mitch, Jackson, and Dariela crawl through the tunnel while Chloe and Abe at the plane monitor them via their transponders. Chloe uses Davies' satellite to track them, and Abe suggests that she get a satellite over Bew Brunswick to locate Jamie.

Logan tells Mason that they tossed the money when they started running. Mason doesn't believe them, and animals start howling in the distance. One of the mercenaries finds the backpack next to a burnt-out campfire, and Mason realizes that they burned the money. Mason figures that it's a trick to throw them off, and threatens to shoot Logan if Jamie doesn't take them to the money. Jamie jumps him but he knocks her off, and wolves attack the mercenaries. Jamie slips away into the forest.

Mole comes to a wall of dead moles and tells Chloe that they've hit a dead-end.

When Davies arrives at his HQ, a soldier tells him that someone has accessed Eleanor's login. They go to see what it's being used for.

On the plane, Abe warns Chloe that they Davies' people knows they're using the login. Chloe tells him to hold them off as long as he can.

Mitch grabs a mole and hands it to Dariela to take back as a sample. As they come out, Chloe warns that Davies has locked into the satellite and knows where the others are. She tells the team to keep moving forward while she finds the sloth. Mitch keeps going... and comes face to face with an alligator. They hastily back up and Chloe finds an exit behind them but warns that they'll have to dig their way out.

Davies' man reports that he has a location, and Davies realizes that it's the team trying to find the sloth. He sends his men to eliminate them.

Mitch tries to hold off the alligator with his backpack while Jackson digs into the access tunnel. Once he breaks through, he climbs in and Dariela follows him. The tunnel collapses and they manage to pull Mitch out. Chloe realizes that the soldiers are closing in on the team, and tells Abe that she's counting on them to show up. She tells Jackson where the exit is, and then tells Abe that she got Davies' location by using their friends as bait. She then determines that Davies is at Reiden Global.

As night falls, Mason finds Jamie and demands his money. They struggle and she manages to grab the knife and stabs him in the stomach.

The others get back to the plane and Mitch analyzes the dead mole. He tells Jackson that someone pumped gas into the mole tunnels. He can't identify the gas, but figures that it has no effect on humans. Jackson wants to tell Abe about his situation, but Mitch warns that Dariela shot Janos in the head. After conceding point, Jackson figures that the best chance to stop Davies is inside of Reiden.

Dariela and Abe drive to Reiden's Vancouver office and Dariela hacks into the security feed. They locate the lab and a scientist goes in, and Chloe confirms that the lock recognizes heart-beats. The same scientist leaves and Chloe says that they need to find him. She ties into a security feed of a party and confirms that several of the guests are IADG leaders. They figure that Davies is speeding up the timeline to initiate the Noah Objective. Chloe tells Abe and Dariela to get the scientist's heart-beat so they can get into the lab to get the sloth.

Later, the team gets into the party. As Chloe and Jackson wait for the guards to move out of position, Jackson tells Chloe that he had to tell Mitch. She says that she was ready to quit in DC but came back to fix Jackson. Chloe assures Jackson that he has an ability to make people feel all right no matter how many dire things are, and says that she needs to find a balance between leading the team and loving Jackson. Jackson kisses her until Dariela calls on the radio to say that they're good to go.

As Davies goes to the stage, Chloe and Jackson approach the scientist and claim that they work with Davies. As they talk, Chloe secretly drugs the scientist's champagne. Davies welcomes everyone and then says that things have gotten worse and they must stop the animals. He presents TX-14, a two-part gas. When they combine the two gases, every animal with the mutation is destroyed. Davies says that they will demonstrate the gas before the vote the next day. Chloe points out that Jackson will die along with the other 2.2 million people that have the mutation.

The scientist has a heart attack and collapses from the drug, and Mitch insists that he'll be fine. Dariela takes the heart-print mic and approaches Davies, and says that she works with one of the senators voting. She tries to get the mic close to Davies but fails on the first attempt. Davies recognizes Dariela from the security footage and asks where her friends are, well aware of who she is, and takes her away. Once they're out of sight, Dariela draws a gun on Davies and says that he's coming with her.

In the service corridor, Abe locates the exits as Dariela arrives with Davies. They use him to get into the lab and Jackson beats the location of the sloth out of Davies. As Jackson and Mitch go to get it and Abe watches Davies, Chloe takes Dariela with her in the other direction, figuring that Davies gave up the sloth's location too easily. They come to airlock doors just as Chloe gets a message showing the Caraquet sign on the roof. The women find the canisters of gas and prepare to release them so that there will be no demonstration.

Davies attacks Abe and manages to sound the alarm before Abe can stop him.

Jamie hears Chloe calling to her and imagines that she's there. When Jamie says that she can't get up, Chloe tells her that she can. After a moment, Jamie manages to get working and the hallucination disappears. She sees Mason's car keys and takes them, and hears Logan calling to her.

Jackson and Mitch find the sloth just as Abe arrives. He says that he's disabled the doors but they have to go. The men find a cart and move the sloth out.

Once they find the truck, Jamie and Logan drive to Caraquet.

As Chloe and Dariela take the gas out, soldiers open fire on them. Dariela returns fire, taking out all three men. A stray shot hits the gas of poison, and Chloe kicks it away. It explodes and they run, and Dariela gets through an airlock door first. She has no choice but to seal the door before Chloe can get through. As Chloe collapses, she tries to yell through the door that Jamie is in Caraquet, but Dariela can't hear her. Dariela tries to open the door but it's locked, and Chloe passes out.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 13, 2016

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