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A Coldie But a Goodie Recap

Lt. Abigail Liukin with IA questions Angie about what she knew concerning the hack of the LAPD servers. Liukin doesn't believe Angie's claims of ignorance, and tells her that she'll be riding a desk until she gets the truth.

The next morning, Jay finds Angie at her desk sleeping. She wakes up and says that she's trying to figure out what Mayhem Global is and what they want from her. Angie figures that whoever is running the operation has someone inside of IA. Meanwhile, the mayor's campaign manager Bob Terrier is in with Pritkin and tells him to find out who is trying to sabotage Mayor Perry's campaign and report only to him. Once Terrier leaves, Pritkin gives Jay the case of a triple homicide with cult connections, and tells him to take Danny and Hoffman with him.

Angie sits at her desk and finally realizes that Detective Steele took her chair. As she arrests Steele, Pritkin comes out and tells Angie to knock it off. She then goes to the morgue where Edelweiss is laying next to a corpse. He hastily gets up and she asks if there's any cool deaths. A 102-old woman, Agnes, fell down a staircase and died. Angie remembers a similar case a few days ago and goes to the records room to check it out. The dead man is Doug Warren, 99 years old. The records officer, Neil, says that he can't give her a file because they sent a memo out that she's not allowed to investigate homicides. When Angie says that she was just kidding, Neil hands over the file.

In the supply closet, Angie reads the file and finds Liukin waiting for her. Angie quickly leaves and goes to a bathroom stall and the morgue, but Liukin is one step ahead of her. The detective finally settles for reading it at her desk.

Jay, Danny, and Hoffman advance on the cult leader's house and Jay's phone rings. As the cult leaders emerge from hiding and aim guns at them, Jay answers. Angie says that she needs to talk to him, but he says that he's busy and hangs up. She then calls Danny and Hoffman, but they can't talk, either.

Once Jay and Danny arrest the cultists with Hoffman's help, Jay calls to tell Angie what happens. She asks him to visit Peter Warren, Doug's grandson. There are three other incidents of senior citizens falling down stairs in the last month, but Jay doesn't believe her. However, he agrees to humor her and talk to Peter. Liukin comes over and Angie quickly hangs up.

Jay drives to Peter's house and talks to Peter and his wife Rebecca. They don't remember anything unusual about how Doug died. They've already turned Doug's room into a gym, and Jay looks around. Disgusted, he goes back to the station and complains that Angie appealed to his feelings for her to get him to go on a wild-goose chase. He did find a "Vote for Perry" button, and Angie confirms via the records that all of the dead old people were Perry donors. Combined they gave over $200,000 to Perry, and Angie wonders if it's filled to Perry's rival, Councilman Dreyfuss, and Mayhem Global. Pritkin doesn't want to hear it, warning that it will cost him his job and his pension. He finally handcuffs her to her desk, but Monica and Edelweiss call to say that they've found something.

Soon, Angie and her desk are in the morgue. Monica and Edelweiss have autopsied all of the suspect bodies and discovered no signs of bruising. Edelweiss figures that if they could get their hearts beating, then they could learn something important. He's created an artificial pumping mechanism to recirculate Agnes' blood. Bruises form in the shape of handprints on Agnes' back, and Angie figures the woman was pushed.

Later, Angie meets with Jay and Danny in the squad room. She insists that they have a case and Jay believes her. Angie has Jay talk to Terrier while Danny checks out a new case of Herschel Potomac who fell down a set of stairs. They agree to do it despite the risks.

Danny talks to Herschel's son and daughter-in-law, and they confirm that Terrier thanks Herschel personally for his donation.

At the campaign office, Terrier is vague about whether he knew the victims or not. He says that he and his staff have a lot of work to do, and Jay notices that there's no staff there.

Edelweiss calls Angie down to the morgue and says that he found a bruise in the shape of a ring on Agnes' back. It has the initials R.T., and Angie finally remembers that Terrier's initials are R.T. Angie goes to Pritkin's office and says that Terrier is killing Perry's donor. Since Jay is with Terrier, Jay is in danger. Pritkin prepares to hack through the handcuffs with a fire axe, but Liukin steps out and tells him to stop. Her ignores her, cuts Angie free, and tells her to get Terrier.

Jay tries to work out why someone has crossed off the names of the deceased, and Terrier suggests that they go upstairs to get some coffee. Angie arrives and says that Terrier plans to push Jay down the stairs, and she asks why Terrier did it. Terrier doesn't answer and Angie realizes that he works for someone else. Jay finds a photo ID of Terrier for Mayhem Global. Satisfied that she's done her job, Angie leaves with her partner.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 13, 2016

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