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Pass Judgment Recap

Jason speaks to the citizens over the loudspeaker, saying that they must unite as one and stand against the Abbies. He assures everyone that the time of crisis will pass and tells them to enjoy their life in Wayward Pines.

Theo goes to the bunker and Kerry asks him what is going to happen next. He says that Margaret won't trust them after Jason killed the three males Abbies. As they take the elevator, Theo tells Kerry that he has the results of her examination: there's trauma and residual scarring and she can't carry a child to term. Kerry says that they need to have children and she wanted to do her part. Theo wonders if Jason will make Kerry disappear like the others, and she abruptly tells him that she's meeting with Jason and wants a report on his Abby research. Theo arrives at the lab and finds Megan dead and Margaret gone.

As Theo sets off the alarm, Margaret makes her way through the corridors and remembers everything that happened to her in Wayward Pines.

Jason and his men go to the lab and Kerry joins them. They realize what happened and Theo figures that Margaret memorized the code on the cages and escaped. He warns Jason that Margaret wants revenge for what he did to the Abbies, and Jason orders his men to search the facility. The soldiers search the place and Mario and another soldier enter the access corridors. They join up with other soldiers and none of them find anything.

Margaret runs through the forest and falls off a cliff. She finally lets herself go, drops, and continues on, entering Wayward Pines.

In the mountain, Theo insists that they have to warn the town. Jason insists that the soldiers will find her, but Theo warns that the other Abbies are waiting for Margaret to join them and they have to warns the townspeople. After a moment, Jason agrees and then plans the search pattern for his soldiers. He plans to have unarmed civilians join the search. Kerry points out that they just collected the rebels' guns and they can't risk handing them back, and Theo goes to find Adam. Jason asks if Kerry is okay, and she insists that she's fine. She starts to tell him the news but he interrupts to say that they'll find Margaret.

Xander approaches Rebecca in the street and asks if she talked to Theo. She says that Theo hasn't been home, and Xander warns that Theo will know it's not his. Rebecca tells Xander that she'll tell Theo, and he says that he wants their baby and figures that Rebecca does as well. Rebecca goes into her beauty shop where Arlene is getting her hair dried. The phones in town start ringing, and at the academy, Principal Simeon tells everyone to get inside.

Jason announces to the townspeople via the PA that Margaret has escaped. He tells them to get inside and lock the doors.

At the academy, Lucy asks Frank if they're dead. Several students ask Frank if he's going back to the dorm when it's the end of the world, and figures that they shouldn't hide outside. Lucy wants to see Rebecca, and Frank agrees to walk her.

Xander tells the people to get off the streets as the alarms go off.

As they walk to the beauty shop, Frank tries to make small talk with his sister. Margaret washes them from the brush and remembers seeing Frank the night that she was captured. She continues on and comes across two of the academy students kissing. The Abby urns and moves on. When she enters town, a child sees them and his father--a soldier--reaches for his gun. Margaret snarls and leaps at him.

Frank and Lucy hear the man screaming and behind them and run.

Theo leaves the mountain and finds Adam waiting for him. The doctor asks Adam if he can help find Margaret.

Margaret takes the soldier's corpse with her, letting the blood drip behind her.

Frank and Lucy get to the beauty shop and Rebecca lets them in, locking the door behind them. Mario and his team arrive and sweep the main street, and Margaret runs across the rooftops. The soldiers fire but miss, and Margaret disappears.

Theo and Adam check the woods around the town and find the blood, and discover that her tracks lead away from the fence.

Jason goes to the morgue where Megan's corpse is and takes its hand. He says that Megan was always there for him, and he's always tried to do the right thing. A soldier summons him, and Jason tells the corpse that Margaret won't get away with it before he leaves. Mario updates him on the search for the Margaret, and Jason tells him to use civilians if they'll volunteer.

Margaret continues through the forest.

At the beauty shop, Xander gets out the weapons that he hid during the last Abby attack. Rebecca goes over the plans of the town, and Xander says that she was abducted like the rest of them. Frank says that they need binoculars and more weapons, and offers to help. Arlene says that she has a pair of binoculars at home that she uses to watch birds. Xander asks Rebecca if Margaret would try to sneak out the same way she came in, and Rebecca says that she needs the survey plans of the original town. She tells Xander that there is a hard copy in the mountain and she'll get it, and Xander should meet her at her house in an hour.

Theo and Adam continue their search, and Adam says that someone has to step up and keep promises in Wayward Pines. He wonders if Theo will celebrate when they capture their trophy. When Theo says that Margaret isn't a trophy, Adam tells him that he'd better hope she is.

Rebecca goes to Jason's office, but the soldier on guard won't let her in. She bluffs and suggests that the soldier call Jason to confirm her clearance, and he lets her in.

Theo and Adam find the dead soldier and realize that Margaret used his blood to lead them the wrong way.

Margaret leaps off a truck and heads through the streets.

Rebecca finds the plans just as Kerry comes in. The architect says that the Abbies are planning to get in through an old abandoned tunnel. Kerry warns that Jason won't approve of Rebecca stealing things, and Rebecca says that they aren't his. She asks Kerry why she's with Jason, and says that she can do more than stand behind Jason. Rebecca tells Kerry that she is her own person and Kerry should be as well, and leaves.

Adam says that Margaret is heading east, but Theo points out that the fence is east.

The soldiers head through the street and run into two of Xander's people, Tom and Sharon. Margaret screeches from somewhere, and Mario tells the couple to go inside. The two sides spot Margaret and fire, and one soldier shoots Tom in the throat while Tom hits Mario in the stomach. Sharon insists that it was an accident, and Mario orders his men to stand down.

Adam and Theo hear the gunshots and Theo goes in the direction of the fence. Adam turns and heads the other way. Theo reaches the shootout site and tells the soldiers that they have to get to the hospital. The doctor confirms that Tom is dead and Sharon prepares to shoot through Theo and kill the soldiers. Theo refuses to move and tells everyone that the town isn't working and they need to do things themselves, together. Everyone lowers their guns and they get the wounded Mario to a jeep.

At Jason' office, the monitors show that the number of Abbies outside the fence have triples. When Kerry arrives, Jason shows her a secret bunker and explains that they can survive there when the rest of the town is wiped out. There are pods for their babies, and Jason warns that it's their only chance for the two of them to survive and repopulate the human race. Kerry tells him that she can't have children and breaks into tears. Jason tells her that it's okay and thanks Kerry for telling him. They say that they love each other.

As Rebecca heads for her house, she finds Margaret in the street ahead of her. Margaret moves forward and holds up her hand, and remembers her own child in the forest. Xander fires, wounding her in the hand, and Margaret runs off. When Xander comes over, he kisses Rebecca in relief . She says that there might be unfinished tunnels near the fence, and Xander remembers the pit where the Abbies kept him.

Rebecca and Xander go to Jason's office and show him the plans. Kerry says that she gave the plans to Rebecca, and Rebecca points out where the fence meets the eastern base of the mountain. Xander confirms that the Abbies can dig, and they accessed the original drainage system.

The wounded Margaret heads to the drainage tunnel, and Adam comes up behind her, gun ready. Margaret remembers Adam telling Jason that they need to release Margaret, and after a moment he lowers his gun and nods. Margaret turns enters the tunnel and after a moment, follows her in.

Jason and his soldiers arrive a few minutes later. They find Adam's gun and hear the Abbies growling. Jason has his people toss in grenades and collapse the pipes.

At the hospital, Theo checks on the injure Mario and says that he'll pull through. Mario wonders if they're dead, and Theo admits that they might be. The soldier recites his mantra about having a happy life in Wayward Pines is the most important contribution he can make, and Theo leaves as Mario breaks into tears.

Adam crawls out of the tunnel and finds himself surrounded by Abbies. Margaret screeches at them and they back away, and Adam walks through their assembled numbers.

In Wayward Pines, Xander and Rebecca drive back to the beauty shop and find Theo waiting for them. Theo says that one man died and another are in the hospital because of Xander handing out his weapons, and the two men argue. Rebecca says that it isn't Xander's fault, and Theo asks why everything is somebody else's help. She tells Theo that sometimes accidents happen there, and Theo walks off.

Margaret climbs to the top of a hill and the other Abbies comfort her. She remembers Pilcher and his shoulders gunning her people down.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 14, 2016

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