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Slain Dragons Recap

Los Angeles - 1998

Diamond is in bed with two women when Patrick lands on the balcony outside. The women watch as Diamond goes out to talk to the Power. Patrick says that Diamond is flying around like a bull in a china shop and will either get himself killed, or kill someone else. He says that Diamond needs to think of powers as a tool, and offers to teach him some things as a favor to Janice. Diamond insists that he is the Power and has nothing to learn.


The EMTs take Christian to the hospital and try to stabilize him after Wolfe's attack. Emile is there, and Christian tells him that he feels cold. The captain tells him to hold on as Christian flatlines.


At Christian's apartment, Deena is going over Christian's files on Morrison when Patrick drops Christian off. Christian tells her that Patrick has lost his mind and is dangerous. When Christian says that Morrison doesn't exist, Deena says that Morrison stabbed Kutter and she is going to find and kill him.

The next day, Calista, Zora, and Ramirez go to the rooftop to look for SuperShock after Christian tells them that the Power has gone insane. They see another Power, Rainbow, but no sign of SuperShock. Ramirez wonders what they can do against him, and Zora says that they need to talk to Christian. Calista immediately flies off before her teammates can stop her.

At Powers Division, Emile takes Christian to see Krispin. Krispin assures his dead father's partner that it's him, and Christian hugs him. They go to the morgue and tells Michelle what has happened, and she's happy to have a live person on her exam table for the first time. She has no idea how Krispin came back from the dead, and Christian doesn't know of a Power coming back from the dead before. Krispin starts to panic, and Christian assures him that they'll figure it out together.

Deena meets with Edson and asks for help digging up information on Morrison's record store. Edson says that he's on it and awkwardly thanks her for respecting his skills, and Deena quickly walks away. Kabatov comes over and tells her that Christian wants to see her in the morgue. When she gets there, Krispin is waiting and Deena immediately shoots him in the chest. Christian and Michelle come in as Krispin gets up and he realizes that he's resurrected again. Emile and his men come in, guns drawn, and Michelle assures them that Deena just proved that Krispin can't be killed.

Dr. Death returns from paternity leave and finds Michelle examining Krispin's vital signs. He turns to go and Michelle runs after him to bring him back. Deena apologizes again to Krispin for shooting him, and Christian has another head pain and goes into convulsions. He snaps out of it after a minute and Michelle says that Christian's contact with Patrick is causing his head pains. She warns that they don't know how a Powers-filled environment is affecting any of them. Emile tells Christian to see a doctor and makes it an order.


Christian is signing autographs of old photos of him as Diamond to make money. He's on the phone with Craig, who warns him that he's in show business and eventually he'll get his reputation back. Christian spills his drink on the photos and walks away, disgusted.


Deena tells Christian that he has to get to the hospital before something irreversible happens to him. Christian finally promises that he'll go... eventually. He asksabout Kutter, and Deena says that Kutter is bad. Christian asks Deena how she's doing, and says that all that matters is that they slay the dragon. He says that Patrick killed Bailey. Deena insists that Morrison exists, and Christian shows her Janice's letter saying Morrison is a figment of Patrick's imagination. Emile comes in and asks what they're discussing, and Deena shows him the letter. She explains Christian's theory, and Emile wonders what they can do against a level 10 Power.

Someone thing crashes outside and everyone runs outside. It's Rainbow, who is dead and was thrown out of the sky onto a police car. Christian points out a disturbed cloud formation overhead and suggests that there was an aerial fight, and Rainbow was thrown down.


Someone knocks at Christian's door, and he finally wakes up with a hangover. It's Emile, who complains that Christian hasn't returned his phone calls. He says that he found Christian's old Diamond costume at the scene of a double homicide involving a prostitute. Christian admits that the prostitute stole it from him. Emile says that the case is closed and offers Christian his uniform back, and Christian says that it isn't his anymore. The captain points out that Diamond helped him when he was a Power, and he's used the goodwill to get the city to open up a Powers Division. They need a star detective, and Emile says that they need Christian. He figures Christian understands Powers better than anyone. Emile says that Christian losing his powers is the best thing that ever happened to him because now he can't hide behind them. A disinterested Christian immediately tells Emile to leave.


Melissa examines Rainbow and points out contusions that happened before the fall. She says that the marks are the type left by high-strength Powers. Dr. Death comes over and yells at the corpse to make sure that it's dead. Meanwhile, the doctor calls Deena and says they've stabilized Kutter. She goes inside to get control of herself, and Christian joins her after a moment. He starts punching a wall and then tells Deena that the seizures might be his body's way of adjusting to changes as his powers come back. Deena kicks him in the gut and he goes down, and she says that he probably doesn't have his powers back.

Calista finds SuperShock atop the building and he calls her Janice again. She plays along and says that she hasn't found Morrison yet, but he realizes that she's not Janice. SuperShock asks where he is, and Calista says that Janice died. He grabs Calista and lifts her up in the air, yelling as he asks who she is. Calista tries to fly away but can't break his grip, and SuperShock demands to know where Morrison is.

At the station, Emile tells the officers that seven possible Powers bodies that have dropped out of the sky. The detectives will go solo to deal with the high volume, and work with the LAPD to get the bodies off the streets. Emile tells them not to engage the killer if they see him, and emphatically tells Christian that his job isn't to play the hero and get killed. Deena figures that it's Morrison, and Christian insists that it's SuperShock. Emile doesn't care as long as they make it stop.

Deena drives to one crime scene and realizes that the dead Power is Queen Noir. Black goo shoots out of her body, hitting Deena in the face, and Deena spits it out, choking.

Christian arrives at another crime scene and calls to Patrick, figuring he can hear him wherever he is. There's no response, and Christian wonders why his former mentor is killing Powers.


Christian goes to the new Powers Division and Emile sees him. Emile nods in greeting and soon, Christian passes the required police academy training and the city council promotes him to the rank of detective, assigned to the new Powers Division. The officers are bringing in a Power, Omega, and he breaks free and blasts them back. Realizing who he's up against, Christian waits until Omega recharges and then knocks him out. Emile nods in satisfaction, and Christian smiles for the cameras.


Emile is heading out when a panicked Calista runs in and gets into the cell with the Dampener. She tells Emile that SuperShock is going to kill them all.

The EMT checks Deena and says that she's okay, but they're sending her to the hospital to be sure. Edson calls and says that the record store belongs to a shell company and he has the original address. He texts her the address and Deena hangs up on him.

Deena drives to the house at the address and hears music playing. She goes around the side and spots a security camera. Continuing on, Deena finds Morrison in the background, sitting in a chair and listening to a record. Morrison knows that she's there and invites her to come see as he looks out over the city.

Zora and Ramirez arrive at the station and Emile takes them to Calista. Krispin sees them and comes out of Emile's office, as Calista explains that SuperShock tried to kill her because she thinks they're hiding Morrison.

Morrison says that everyone he's loved has died and no one remembers that he exists. His great shame is that he was never able to beat SuperShock. However, Morrison has stayed alive long enough to watch SuperShock fall by his own hand. SuperShock flies over the sky, killing another Power, and Morrison applauds in appreciation.

Calista says that SuperShock grabbed her and she managed to escape, and didn't know where to go. Crying, she tells the others that she doesn't want to have the powers anymore, and cowers in the corner.

Morrison tells Deena that it's a good day, and figures that Deena wants to kill him but she's not allowed. He asks if Kutter is dead, and mocks her and Kutter. Deena aims her gun and just manages to stop herself from shooting.

Zora tells Calista that she has to come out of the cell. Calista says that they don't understand what it was like, and Christian comes over and says that he does. He figures that it was like when Wolfe attacked him, and tells Calista that a lot of Powers died. But she flew away like a Power. Now there's people that need her help, and he'll never get his powers back. They need Calista, and Zora says that she's not alone. Christian offers to help them all, and figures that all the pain and dead they've been through has led up to where they are: together, facing SuperShock. Christian turns off the Dampener and after a moment, Calista walks out.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 15, 2016

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