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The Trial Recap

Danny is trying to sleep when he hears something in the jungle. He tells Owen and insists on going out there, and finally convinces Owen to come with him. They hear someone screaming and Pack runs out of the jungle... and Danny instinctively shoots him.

The next day, Steve and Karen check the injured Pack. Karen points out that they threw Todd in the pit for a lot less than shooting a man, and Steve tells Karen that she's invaluable and he thinks of her as his vice president. Karen is flattered and Steve says that they need to punish Danny. However, if he does it, people will think he's getting revenge on Owen. He wishes someone else could do it, and Karen eagerly volunteers. Emma comes over and asks to talk to Steve privately,

As Florence and Jess discuss Pack, Jess finally admits that she had sex with Chet. She describes how she accidentally saw Chet when his penis dropped out, and they ended up having sex. Lots of screaming was involved. Florence is impressed that Jess had sex with the filthiest hippie she's ever seen, and Jess admits that Chet is as not a Todd as she could get. When she says that they're going to hang out later, Florence tells her not to do it because she's never had a one-night stand before. She doesn't want to see Jess in another Todd situation.

Emma shows Steve Yolonzo and says that he might have Mongshu Fever. It's called the Red Death because if the victim doesn't get the proper medication then he spits up blood. Emma warns that it could spread across the idea, but Steve figures that Yolonzo will bounce back and walks away.

Pack wakes up and realizes that he's been shot in the shoulder. He looks around says that "he" is gone. Steve, Karen, Danny, and Owen are there, and Danny apologizes for shooting him. Steve asks Pack if he attacked Danny, and Pack insists that he didn't. Owen says that Pack did, but Pack insists that Danny shot him and he meant it. Karen figures that regardless, Danny shot pack so he deserves to be punished. She asks Steve what he thinks, and Owen suggests that Danny should have a trial and he'll defend him. Karen says that she'll be the prosecutor, and Danny deserves to be thrown in the pit... or worse.

After another round of sex, Chet says that he's going to do some yoga. He invites Jess to come along, and Jess says that she'll think about it. She then talks to Florence and worries that she's falling into another relationship. Florence says that to avoid a relationship, a) avoid face time with Chet, and b) never be alone with Chet after dark. When Jess wonders how she can avoid having face time with Chet, Florence suggests that she get on the jury because no one in her right mind will put Chet on a jury.

Owen and Karen talk to Chet, and he's so vague that they both agree that he can be on the jury. He sits down with Jess and the others, and Karen tells them that they'll be sequestered together. Steve then calls the trial to order and says that they'll handle it like Law and Order. Karen gives her presentation and insists that putting bullets in people is a crime. Owen argues for self-defense and terrifies one of the jurors to show them how terrifying Pack was.

Owen questions Pack and points out that he was covered in blood, and asks him what he doesn't want them to know.

Pack wanders through the jungle at night, and hallucinates dead survivor Jerry following him. Jerry points out that Pack ate him, and wonders why Pack is still hallucinating him. He figures that Pack has gone crazy, and Pack insists that he's sane despite the fact that he ate a dead man. Jerry continues taunting him, and Pack leaps at him and screams that he's going to kill him.

Pack hallucinates Jerry standing next to him, and insists that he didn't attack Danny. When he says that Danny is a cop, Karen seizes on the point and says that he should be judged more harshly. Owen sits down with Danny, who figures that it's really bad. His friend asks him to trust him, and then calls Danny up and asks him to testify that he's not really a police officer. Danny admits that he's been pretending to be one, and Danny says that it's a case about a civilian that wanted to protect them. The jury agrees that they would have protected themselves.

Karen cross-exams and confirms that Danny is not a police officer. She says that he's a liar with a gun and says that they should banish him. They jury meets to give a verdict. Jess insists that it was an accident, and Chet insists that the gun is the terrorist. They agree to sleep on it, and Jess worries that she'll be alone with Chet in the dark. Chet takes off his clothing and Jess quickly says that there's another way that would end things now.

The jury goes back to the others and Jess says that Steve will decide Danny's fate. Owen objects, saying that they're making Steve a dictator. Steve says that he'll think about it for an hour and be back.

Jess goes into the woods and Chet comes up on her. She says that they've got to stop, and he figures that she's developing feelings for him. Jess insists that she isn't, and says that she doesn't like him at all because he speaks in gibberish. She figures that if she doesn't have feelings for him, then it's safe to have sex with him.

As Steve thinks about his decision, Owen comes up and tells him that it's not a real society. Steve says that it's all they've got and promises that he'll do the right thing for Danny.

Emma checks on Yolonzo and discovers that he's dead, covered in his own blood... and she starts coughing.

Steve returns to the survivors and says that it wasn't an easy decision, but it was an honest one. He doesn't think that Danny is dangerous, but he did lie to them and injured Pack so he's giving him three weeks in the pit... and Owen will be joining him because he knew Danny was lying. Owen refuses to go into the bit, and says that he's banishing himself and Danny and focus on getting home. Steve warns that if they leave then they can't return, and Owen says that he understands. He asks Danny if he's ready to go, and Danny agrees. They pack up and walk away, and Jerry tells Pack that he's an asshole.

A badly ill Emma finds Florence and tells her that she was right and Yolonzo is dead. She coughs up blood and collapse into Florence's arms, and Florence starts coughing.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 20, 2016

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