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Finish the Song Recap

The Past

As children recite the multiplication table at a schoolhouse in Ratwater, the Cowboy enters town. He enters a bar where a Chinese worker is singing, and looks around at the customers listening. A boy invites the Cowboy to sit down and sing, and Macready congratulates him on offering Christian charity. He then says that Ratwater taken in everyone: the broken, the lost and even the Butcher of Gettysburg. Macready says that there is no sin so great that it forbids entry to Heaven. He tells the Cowboy that they have all opened their hearts to Jesus, and asks the Cowboy if he will do the same. The Cowboy says that he loves his horse, his wife, and his little girl... and Jesus can join them in hell. He dumps out a bag filled with severed heads and draws his guns. He shoots Macready dead and tells the worker to finish the song. The man starts singing and the Cowboy shoots down everyone else. He kills the piano player and the worker breaks into tears. The Cowboy holsters his guns and then cuts the worker's head off with his sword.

The Cowboy goes to the bar and the bottles and then the world shake as he takes a drink.


Hugo drives Jesse into town and asks where Eugene is. Jesse repeats his explanation that he sent Eugene to Hell, and Hugo says that child killers aren't welcome in prison. The sheriff describes how one child killer killed himself, and says that Jesse will wish he was in Hell. Jesse apologizes, says that he'll see Hugo on Sunday, and leaps out the back. By the time Hugo pulls over and gets out, Jesse is gone.

Fiore and DeBlanc go to a travel agency, Distant Vistas, and tell the Travel Agent that they want to take a trip. They finally say that they want to go to Hell, and the Travel Agent finally agrees. She gets their names and confirms that they want to leave immediately, and tells them that they need to meet the schedule on today. They don't have enough money for her, and she wants Fiore in back for 20 minutes. He's glad to do so, but DeBlanc refuses and threatens to report her if she doesn't help. After a moment, she prints their tickets.

The next day, Emily comes to see Tulip. Emily says that Cassidy isn't healing, and Tulip explains that Cassidy is a vampire. Once Emily takes that in, Tulip says that Cassidy got burned and hospital blood isn't working. She figures that Cassidy needs live blood and has been feeding him animal blood. She gives Emily animals for more animals, and Emily says that Jesse is in trouble. Tulip says that she's done with Jesse and he's all animals, and Emily says that she already has a boyfriend: Miles. As Tulip goes, she says that she's going to kill a man in Albuquerque.

Jesse meets with two homeless people under a bridge. One of them, Jackie, makes pancakes as Jesse removes his handcuffs. They've heard that Jesse has promised to bring God down to the church on Sunday, and Jesse doesn't explain how he's going to do it.

As Emily prepares to take a hamster to Cassidy's room, Miles calls and says that he'll take the kids to school. He insists that he stay over, and Emily vaguely agrees before hanging up. She opens the door, sets the hamster inside, and quickly closes the door. Emily then listens as Cassidy eats the hamster. She looks in after a moment and a charred Cassidy snarls at her, and she quickly slams the door shut.

At their motel room, Fiore packs their things and tells DeBlanc that he let the radio on for her. DeBlanc wants to go to Heaven and throw themselves on their superiors' mercy, but Fiore figures that they'd separate them forever. His associate flips a coin to decide where they should go, and it comes up Hell. They go double or nothing, and it comes up heaven. Fiore discovers that the phone is gone and the two angels search the room for it. There's no sign of it, and they realize that they're going to Hell.

Jesse, holding the phone, makes his way through the streets avoiding the police.

Emily is watching a movie on TV when Cassidy calls out that he's hungry. Emily goes to check on him.

In his office, Odin, Miles, and the Meat Men watch as two of them wrestle. Emily calls Miles and begs him for help, and says that "he" got out and will kill her. She says that she's at Walter O'Hare's house and the connection goes dead. When Miles arrives, he looks around for Emily and hears something bang in the back. He goes to investigate and enters Cassidy's room. When he turns to leave, Emily locks closes and locks the door behind him... and Cassidy grabs him.

The hotel manager henry calls Hugo and takes him to Fiore and DeBlanc's room. He explains that they packed up and left after lunch, and now the room is covered in blood. Hugo hears something in the bathroom and goes to investigate, and finds a woman bleeding out in the tub. The woman begs Hugo to kill him, and after a minute Hugo takes off his hat and strangles her to death. She finally dies and there's a flash of light. The woman--the seraphim--appears in the doorway and looks at Hugo from behind, and then walks away.

A Distant Vistas shuttle arrives to pick up Fiore and DeBlanc. They get in and give the driver their tickets, and he warns that they're not allowed carry-ons. The angels reluctantly leave their things behind and get on, and the shuttle drives away.

Emily is freeing the remaining animals when Jesse comes up and asks where Tulip is. He wonders what she's doing, and Emily says that she's setting the animals free, Tulip is in Albuquerque, and Cassidy is inside. Jesse goes to the room and finds a bloody corpse on the floor and Cassidy crouching in a corner. Cassidy tells Jesse to go, warning that it's not safe for Jesse, sand Jesse confirms that the dead man is Miles. The vampire warns that he'll kill Jesse, too, and says that he can leave now that he's seen what he is. Jesse tells him that he's not going anywhere, saying that Cassidy saw the worst part of him, and he's sorry. Cassidy wonders what he has to be sorry about, and Jesse says that he has plenty but right now he's sorry that he let Cassidy burn. The vampire says that Jesse eventually put him out and that's what matters, and wonders what they do now. Jesse figures that he'll help Cassidy get rid of Miles' body and goes to work.

Odin tells Donnie that he's heard that Jesse left. He's sure that Jesse will be at church on Sunday, and figures that he will denounce God.

Cassidy tries the angel's phone and points out that it doesn't turn on. Jesse figures that they need angel hands, and Cassidy says that he can get them. The preacher calls Tulip and leaves a message telling her that he had pancakes that morning and they reminded them of when they were on the run together back in 2010. Tulip listens to her phone as Jesse talks about the time that they stopped for pancakes. He then says that for him it's just her until the end of the world. Once Jesse hangs up, Tulip looks at the tied-up Carlos. After a moment she walks over with a meat tenderizer.

The Past

The Cowboy looks at his sick daughter. His wife tends to their child and sings to the girl in German. She then turns and tells the Cowboy that he has to go. He gets his weapons and she tells him that he needs to go to Ratwater and get the medicine. Everything happens as before, and the Cowboy's wife and daughter die. The Cowboy returns to Ratwater and kills everyone in the saloon. The world shakes and then everything repeats again... and again... and again. The last time, the shaking stops, and Fiore and DeBlanc come in. They step over the bodies and the Cowboy turns and aims at them. DeBlanc asks him if he wants to be free of Hell, and says that they have a job for him. The Cowboy asks what the job is, and DeBlanc tells him to come with them and they'll tell him. After the Cowboy shoots DeBlanc dead and repeats his question, Fiore says that they want him to kill someone: a preacher. With that, the Cowboy's Hell shatters.


Cassidy and Jesse bury Miles' body in the desert, and Cassidy tosses Jesse a package of angel hands. They discuss Jesse's plan to summon God to Texas and keep digging.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 25, 2016

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