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Nivekolsen's talk page

Neste Sommer

mad_man1983 posted 11 days ago

vet du sikkert at det kommer ep8 og 9 nå i sesong 8? etter det du la ut så skulle ep8 vært ute alt, men finner ingen info om den annet enn at du har lagt den til inne her

Nivekolsen posted 10 days ago

Kanskje det er en påskepause? Har slettet episodene nå - så får vi se om det kommer nye episoder neste uke.

Guest Stars on The Masked Singer

Magitroopa posted 4 months ago

Can't find the discussion immediately, but it has already previously been discussed not to added the revealed celebrities as guest stars on episodes. They are a spoiler. Please don't add them as you just did on this episode. Thank you.

Magitroopa posted 4 months ago

apologies Nivekolsen

bungle posted a year ago

sorry for my haste regarding your request: you can now find the show here: < enjoy :)

The 100

MTQueenie posted a year ago


I have deleted all the TBA episodes you added. According to the rules, the airdate or title must be known before adding them to the site

Poster / Banner

Thomas posted 2 years ago

Hi Nive,

I have deleted a photo you uploaded as poster twice already (Russ2017). Please do not upload a banner as a poster to mark it as main image.


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