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Nivekolsen's talk page

Found Bigger Posters for Arcane

PandaRed posted 2 years ago

Hi Nivekolsen, I've found some bigger HR character posters for Arcane. Do I have your permission to upload them? Or I could send you the link if you'd prefer? Just a thought, but it's no big if you'd prefer to leave the gallery as is.

Nivekolsen posted 2 years ago

Hello, of course upload the new photos! That's no problem at all, I'll delete the lower quality existing photos when I have time.

Always replace lower quality photos when you can :)

Inventing Anna

RoseRed posted 2 years ago

Thanks for the images!

Catching Killers

Nikquest posted 2 years ago

Good afternoon. Something I did not quite understand why you added an extra minute to the episodes of the documentary. On Netflix, the timing of the series is the same as I set earlier - (42, 40, 35, 32)
Do you have any other source? Changed the timing back. 

Nivekolsen posted 2 years ago

For web channels TVMaze uses excact airtimes, so if the episode is 42 min & 39 sec, it's considered 43 minutes in total, is it not?

If you play the actual episodes, you'll see the first episode is 42min & 39sec, the second episode is 40min & 38sec, the third episode is 36min & 10sec and the final episode is 32min & 45sec.

My "any other source" is Netflix...

Nikquest posted 2 years ago

Hmm, I'm not entirely sure what "full minute" means in Netflix's concept, but in my understanding, "full minute" is when a minute is completely over. That is, 42 minutes and 39 seconds is not 43 FULL minutes, but 42.

Moreover, Netflix also has two minutes of titles with localizations at the end of each video. Plus the fact that we almost always set the duration that Netflix indicates on the pages of the series. 

Nikquest posted 2 years ago

I don’t know, to me it looks like stretching the timing. A full minute is a full minute. It is not clear why seconds are also taken for a full minute with different rounding in one direction or the other. But let's say. 

If only because it is not possible to run every video file that streamers release on their own, and check whether the timing matches those indicated on the site. Especially when a couple of people were doing this most of the time for all Netflix, Amazon, Hulu series... Now I checked several Netflix series, and in different of them those seconds after a full minute go into different counts: first in one direction, then in the other direction. But we have indicated the duration as on Netflix.

So, this is already very strange. Why is the data so different between the two of us? In my picture - some, in yours - others. Only the third episode is the same for 35 minutes. 

Nivekolsen posted 2 years ago

I don't really care about what Netflix says on their website, or what part of the episodes are credits/other vs. actual episode...

The actual runtime is 42min & 39sec, by TVMaze policy we round up (b/c it makes way more sense to round up than down, since 39sec is closer to 1min than 0...), so we should use 43min, not 42. If you wanna change the policy - you should talk to someone else, not me..

Also, we obviously can't use what Netflix says on their show page, since that's unreliable - just look at the difference between your photo & mine, easier to just use the actual runtime.

Kjære Landsmenn

Nikquest posted 2 years ago

Good afternoon :) 
A episode picture, please, from the official site -

And I'll add mine after you :) 

Episode titles.

Nikquest posted 2 years ago

Good day, Nivekolsen!

Please note that if you add episode titles to a Netflix or Amazon series, do so in the native language of those series. For example, here - - the titles of the episodes had to be done in Italian, since the show is Italian. The same applies to situations when there are no titles, but simply "Episode 1", "Episode 2" ... They also need to be written as is customary in the language of the original country. 

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