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Spies Episode


@jepafo wrote:
generally funny and fun to watch.

I prefer the UK version to the US, but both have their bits of silly fun.

Original has better ghost characters FOR SURE, but yeh, this is fine. It's just something to watch.

Bethic Twinstinct Episode

Bethic Twinstinct

@Dexter wrote:
"You people" what does that mean. People who are sick of the message forced into everything from TV shows to films to education and politics? 

Glad to know that you know me. Are you going to attack me and beat me into right-think? Keep on clapping like a seal. 

Good to see NPCs making themselves known. Reading comprehension is not taught anymore or it is too advanced for you brain. 


lol you dipshit.

Bethic Twinstinct Episode

Bethic Twinstinct

@Dexter wrote:
This show used to be about a grandfather and his grandson going out on wacky adventures. Now it's about women scissoring. I get the 'Message'. Which is in everything nowadays.

lmao. I  love how you people just automatically make yourselves known. Really doin the rest of us a favor.

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