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Ratings Roundup for the Week of November 15, 2020


The CW wrapped up fifteen seasons of Supernatural last week. The Winchester's final hurrah and the pre-finale special both topped more than a million viewers, some of the best viewer numbers the show has had in the last couple of years. 

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
Supernatural (finale)0.31.4Final Season
Supernatural: The Long Road Home0.31.2 
Whose Line Is It Anyway0.20.9 
Whose Line Is It Anyway (rerun)0.20.8 
Penn & Teller Fool Us0.10.8 
Swamp Thing0.10.6Import
Masters of Illusion (rerun)0.10.6 
World's Funniest Animals0.10.6 
World's Funniest Animals (rerun)0.10.6 
Masters of Illusion (rerun)0.10.5 
iHeartRadio Music Festival (rerun)0.10.4 
Tell Me A Story0.10.4Import

ABC premiered Big Sky last week. The new crime drama opened with okay numbers, if it can hold on to its audience, it should be fine. A Million Little Things premiered its third season about where it ended up in the spring. For Life opened its second season where it ended in the spring with the same woefully low numbers. Chances are not good for it to last. Grey's Anatomy was even, Station 19 lost two tenths off its premiere. 

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
The Bachelorette1.44.7 
Grey's Anatomy1.36.0 
Station 191.05.9 
College Football1.04.0 
Dancing with the Stars0.85.7 
America's Funniest Home Videos0.85.2 
Supermarket Sweep0.83.3 
Big Sky (premiere)0.74.1 
Shark Tank0.74.1 
A Million Little Things (premiere)0.74.0 
The Goldbergs0.73.7 
The Good Doctor0.64.3 
The Conners0.63.6 
American Housewife0.62.9 
Who Wants to be a Millionaire0.53.0 
For Life (premiere)0.41.9 
Card Sharks0.32.0 

CBS premiered more of its regular schedule last week. NCIS premiered its eighteenth season, down not only from its premiere last fall but three tenths off where it ended in the spring for the first sub 1.0 rating in a long time for the series. All Rise and Bull opened low as well. CBS has a tendency to renew dramas even if they only gain mediocre audience numbers, so unless the wheels completely fall off, both are probably safe. SWAT lost a tenth off its premiere. If it doesn't come up at least a little all of the goodwill in the world won't be enough to save it. B Positive gained a tenth last week, keeping it on par with other network comedies. 

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
NFL Overrun2.710.3 
60 Minutes1.512.4 
NCIS (premiere)0.910.3 
FBI (premiere)0.98.2 
Young Sheldon0.87.3 
The Neighborhood (premiere)0.85.8 
Bob (Hearts) Abishola (premiere)0.75.2 
The Amazing Race0.73.9 
NCIS: Los Angeles0.66.1 
FBI: Most Wanted (premiere)0.65.4 
B Positive0.65.2 
The Amazing Race Special0.63.2 
All Rise (premiere)0.54.2 
The Unicorn0.53.9 
NCIS: New Orleans0.44.7 
Bull (premiere)0.44.5 
Blue Bloods (rerun)0.33.2 
NCIS Classics (rerun)0.33.0 
MacGyver (rerun)0.32.8 
Magnum PI (rerun)0.32.7 
48 Hours0.32.2 
NCIS: New Orleans (rerun)0.22.0 
Star Trek: Discovery0.21.8Import

NBC saw losses for most of its shows last week. Chicago Med and Fire, Law & Order: SVU, and This Is Us were all down a tenth. Chicago PD was down two tenths. The Blacklist and Superstore were steady. 

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
Sunday Night Football5.420.1 
Football Night in America3.211.1 
This Is Us1.26.6Renewed (through 2022)
The Voice (Tuesday)1.17.5 
Chicago Med1.07.9Renewed (through 2023)
Chicago Fire1.07.8Renewed (through 2023)
The Voice (Monday)0.96.9 
Chicago PD0.86.4Renewed (through 2023)
Dateline (Friday)0.54.0 
The Weakest Link0.53.0 
Law & Order: SVU0.52.9Renewed (through 2023)
The Blacklist0.43.4 
Vintage SNL0.42.1 
Saturday Night Movie: The Croods0.42.0 
Dateline (Thursday)0.32.4 
Superstore (rerun)0.31.2 

FOX feasted on football last week. An NFL overrun boosted the Sunday animation shows, all of them gained a few tenths from last week. The Masked Singer and I Can See Your Voice were both up a tenth. 

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
NFL Thursday Night Football4.314.8 
NFL Overrun3.010.7 
The OT2.37.7 
Thursday Night Football Pregame2.28.5 
The Masked Singer1.76.4 
The Simpsons1.33.5 
I Can See Your Voice1.03.7 
Bless The Harts0.71.8 
Bob's Burgers0.71.8Renewed
Family Guy0.71.8Renewed
WWE Friday Night Smackdown0.62.2 
LA's Finest0.31.6Import
Filthy Rich0.21.1Cancelled
College Football0.21.0 

The fall network season has, finally, arrived. So what are you watching this season?

Written by LadyShelley on Nov 23, 2020


tvjjbj12 posted a month ago

It's amazing things even got off the ground this Fall with everything going on this year! Thanks for writing these articles.

LadyShelley posted a month ago

@brynet wrote:
Can we have an explanation for what "Import" means under Renew/Cancel?

Imports are programs networks bought to plug holes in their schedules due to COVID restrictions on filming. Some are from other countries (such as Transplant or Coroner) other are brought over from streaming services the network also owns (ST: Discovery and Swamp Thing for example). They are essentially repeats, and viewer numbers for these shows have zero impact since the networks are retransmitting someone else's product. 

brynet posted a month ago

Can we have an explanation for what "Import" means under Renew/Cancel?

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