Voting on episodes from episode list now possible

Hi everyone,

Two weeks ago we announced that it was possible to vote on a show directly from the shows page. In a short span of time, we saw 4 times more votes on shows than in previous months.

Today, We've expanded the possibility to vote on episodes from the episode list.

What's in this change?

What's in the future?

We plan on using the episode ratings to generate season ratings. All votes made on episodes within a season will be used to generate a rating for that season. This way, users don't need to take the extra step of voting on a season as well.

That's it for now. What do you think of these changes?
Do you have any other suggestions, remarks? Let us know. :)


Jan & David

Written by Jan at Apr 4, 2018


Akturk posted 9 months ago

i dont think i am going to rate but its good. Like SilverSurfer i give this change 10 :)

Jan posted 9 months ago

@tnt we plan on expanding this, yes.

tnt posted 9 months ago

Can we have the same in the watch list? :)

SilverSurfer posted 9 months ago

If you had ratings for this change I'd give it a 10 ... Hey! Ratings for changes :)

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