Frontpage update

Hi everyone,

You've probably already noticed. We've made some changes to the Frontpage.

What's on there?

Additional updates.

-Commenting on news items
-General news page (Index page for all incoming news items)

Let us know what you think of these changes or suggestions you might have.

More updates coming soon.



Written by Jan at Aug 23, 2018


kimbiel posted 6 months ago

Awesome - really an improvement.

Thanks for the continued effort

tnt posted 6 months ago

Yeah, I got this. What I've meant is the ability to choose only followed shows/followed networks etc. Either to follow my "Countdown" setup, or a separate settings in the dashboard/site preferences.

david posted 6 months ago

FYI: the countdown on the frontpage does respect your "Default frontpage country" setting, like the frontpage schedule already did.

tnt posted 6 months ago


However, I'd prefer the ability to choose, what kind of countdown I want to see on the front page (the same choice I have in the

Jan posted 6 months ago

@silversurfer 2 should be fixed now. Thanks for reporting.

SilverSurfer posted 6 months ago

Looks great! It makes the frontpage even more useful, IMO. Hope people take advantage of the countdown to discover new shows just like the Recently Added section.

1. I still think you should add News to the menu bar between Articles & Schedule but that could just be me.

2. Tried to comment of a news item and got a 'Unknown Property: An internal server error occurred' and nothing was posted. (It was on

3. Would still love to see the DB used to generate a daily listing of births & deaths in a "On This Day" type feature. It would also be nice if someone curated a list of special or significant TV events. (eg Star Trek debuted on NBC @ 8pm today in 1966)

3 Thumbs up.

JuanArango posted 6 months ago

looks absolutely great, what is the update routine for the news, recaps and reviews?

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