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Show Relations, sort by rating and more

Hi everyone,

If you thought it was a little too quiet from our side. You were right!
We've been working on some things behind the curtains in the last few weeks.
Here's a summary!

1) Show Relations

The nr 1 requested pending feature. On any given 'show page' there is now a new block displaying other shows that have a relation with the show you're checking out.
Here's an example: Star Trek

More information on show relations can be found in the FAQ.

related shows star trek

2) Sort shows by rating

This is the 5th most requested feature.You're now able to filter out shows based on a specific rating (and up) on the show index page:


3) Edit dropdown

We've replaced the edit icon next to the titles for a dropdown menu in the info box of every page. This should make it easier to jump to a specific page with less clicks.
Advanced users can also make use of the hotkey (ctrl+shift+e) to jump directly to the main edit page.

Jessica Jones Show info

There are other small updates and tweaks, but we're sure you'll discover them yourself in time. :)

Tell us what you think of these changes in the comments below. Also if you have any ideas/requests for new features you'd like us to implement we're very much open to hearing about them here or in the Forums

Have a great day/evening,

Jan & David

Written by Jan at Jun 17, 2019


Tvfan39 posted 2 months ago

How do you watch the show episodes im trying to watch coming home The episode is Michael york 

lao.san posted 11 months ago

Cool update.

SuhaBasit posted a year ago

any chance a rewatch episode feature is coming?

Ethlenn posted a year ago

Great! Gotta check now^^

danharr posted a year ago

Interesting I have to check it out.

JuanArango posted a year ago


The wording will be fixed, we are working on it.

Jan posted a year ago

@Labrys Not at the moment. Our focus for these features right now are from the user's end. We're still gathering feedback to see if changes/tweaking need to happen.

Hanii posted a year ago

So I tried the new relations feature and I'm not sure if I did it wrong or something may be off with the system.

I tried setting Pure Pwnage: Teh TV Show as a reboot of Pure Pwnage but on the Teh TV Show version it shows the relation and says 'Reboot of Pure Pwnage: Teh TV Show' and on the original series it says 'Reboot to Pure Pwnage'.

I feel like this should be the other way around, but it wouldn't let me add the relation from Teh TV Show to the original, said 'The relation should be created on the oldest of the two shows'.
So I did that and here we are.

Update: I tried on Kenny vs. Spenny and Ed vs. Spencer too and it did the same, I feel like the wording may be backwards.

Labrys posted a year ago

Any API support for these features?

Hanii posted a year ago

This is awesome, great update.

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