The Last of the Starks


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pentar posted 13 days ago

Just a horrible episode. How can Dany not see Euron's fleet from the air? Why would she fly straight at them? Why not swing around from behind, or better yet, dive straight down? All that destruction and Euron captured only Missandei? Did Euron destroy Dany's entire fleet? Did the producers run out of CGI money? How did Bronn just walk in on Tyrion and Jaime with a weapon? Arya with all her talk about family is just leaving and not coming back? Cersei wanted Tyrion dead and there he was, right in front of her with 50 archers at her command.

Thomas posted 14 days ago

While I thoroughly enjoyed the first two episodes of this season, I have to complain a lot about episodes 3 and 4. Episode 3 was simply too dark as everyone knows, but episode 4 has too many open ends and storylines that didn't really match... Hopefully the producers will improve in upcoming episodes.

JCuervo_a posted 15 days ago

Well, this gets worse with every episode... I must say I'm quite disappointed with this final season so far.

everdeen posted 15 days ago

JuanArango: Maybe you can explain why and why? Instead of just saying :)

Zlogorek posted 15 days ago

Rhaegal... Why? :(

JuanArango posted 15 days ago

Too rushed and not very well written, some scenes did not made much sense.

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