Starling City

While helping the Monitor, Oliver finds himself in a twisted version of his own Earth where Tommy and Moira are alive, Moira is married to Malcolm... and Thea is dead. In 2040, the new vigilantes take on the Deathstrokes.



By Gadfly on Oct 16, 2019

Oliver runs through the forest of Lian Yu and lights a signal fire to gain the attention of a passing ship. The Monitor talks about how the greatest of heroes are the Echelons, and they are the hope of all Creation. Back in Starling City, Oliver looks out of his hospital room window. His mother Moira comes in and greets her son, and they hug. The next day, Moira takes Oliver to the Queen manor and her husband Malcolm greets him. When Oliver wonders where Walter is, Moira explains that he s…

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Episode Discussion

kevin87 posted 16 hours ago

@kyrat - Same, the flashforward stuff was easily the worst part of the season, what's the point of showing us what's happening and then show us how it effects the future but it can't be changed? It served SOME purpose last year, but this one just seems like they don't have any flashbacks to work with so they kept going with the flashforwards to have something to fill their gimmick.

kyrat posted 2 days ago

ugh, I hated the "kids" subplot all last season. Was hoping they wouldn't be on this season!

Zlogorek posted 3 days ago

⠀ -1 Earth.

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