A beautiful woman is found naked in Times Square, covered in fresh tattoos and with no idea who she is. So why is FBI Agent Kurt Weller's name on her back?


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cobraa posted a year ago

the pilot got my attention and peaked my interest..

Cecile posted a year ago

This pilot is mindblowing!

LucasScianca posted a year ago

Nice pilot episode, the direction was great though. Haven't seen a show as beautifully shot as this one in a while. I might stick for a few episodes.

gjuniorX posted a year ago

Enjoyed the pilot episode very much,can not wait to see where the story takes us!!

teros posted a year ago

A good start. Seems to be an interesting story and the whole mood of the episode is promising. Certainly it needs to confirm my hopes in the following episodes.

xskip posted a year ago

A promising new series.

everdeen posted a year ago

Great pilot, but will give the show a couple of more episodes before I judge it. The next 5-6 episodes will most surely show how the rest of the season will be.

Thomas posted a year ago

Glad to see Sullivan back in business, very good actor!

Pilot was entertaining and looks promising in my opinion, I'd definitely give it a shot!

johncymru posted a year ago

I hate to put the kibosh on this show but if the rest are even half as good as the truly excellent pilot then you can almost guarantee the suits will cancel it at the end of the season. For over the last few years, almost every new show I thought excellent with lots of promise has been cancelled after the first season. Still, one can hope.

JuanArango posted a year ago

Yes, I also like the pilot alot, it seems to have a nice edge, hopefully it stays this way.

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