Sorting of watched episodes' list

Cecile wrote 20 days ago:


The watched episodes list is very nice, but it is sorted by the acquired date and not the watching date.

Can it be corrected ? I remember there was the same problem with the watchlist when 'acquire' status first appeared.

Cecile wrote 11 days ago:

No one ?

JuanArango wrote 11 days ago:

I am sure david or jan will answer this soon :)

LouisWu wrote 11 days ago:

Thanks for mentioning this list, Cecile. I had not discovered it yet, even though it is right there on my Stats page at the bottom of the "Just watched" episodes list. Very nice addition indeed!

david wrote 10 days ago:

I'm not 100% sure whether the current behavior is perfect, but it's there for a reason: bulk marking. If you mark episodes as watched in bulk they are stored without timestamp (to avoid messing up your watch statistics in that week), so if we'd sort this list by "watching date" these bulk-marked episodes would appear all the way at the bottom of the list.

To avoid that, they are sorted by "marked order" instead.

Cecile wrote 10 days ago:

Well, if an episode doesn't count in the stats, why couldn't it be at the end of the list ?

When is the 'marked order' updated ? Maybe it's just that. When there is an episode marked as acquired and we switch it to 'seen', the marked order could be updated