Premieres colored in the calendar

Jan wrote 5 days ago:

Hi guys,

There is a 3 year old pending feature about marking the premiere and season finale in the calendar with a different color.
At the time we didn't have the countdown.
Is there value in having this added to the calendar? I don't know if having a rainbow colored calendar is that helpful while that data is one click away.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

tnt wrote 5 days ago:

We have premieres, but don't have finales yet :)

Maybe highlight not with a cell color, but with a font color (or formatting, e.g. bold)?

JuanArango wrote 5 days ago:

To Highlight a finale would be nice.

gazza911 wrote 5 days ago:

I would say that although it would be nice to quickly be able to identify finales, that it's not as simple as premieres.

It obviously can't be just the last episode as there could be more, therefore we'd have to use the episodes ordered number, requiring additional data to be present.

In the event of episodes ordered being different to the actual number (i.e double runtime episode, two production codes, etc.) it won't show.

Colour formatting isn't great for colourblind people (general issue that Jan's already aware of).

Also, how would specials be taken into account?