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showing the same picture for all actors who played a part

kyrat wrote 12 days ago: 1

The cast for Days of our lives is showing the same picture for all actors who played a part,
It lists the character several times with the different actors' names., but then shows the same picture, which was disconcerting/confusing. 

 E.g. Tammy Taylor & Kristian Alfonso both separately listed as playing Hope. Bu the picture next to both of them is Kristian Alfonso.  Sam with the actors who played Brady, Chad, Gabbi, etc. etc. 

I get this is probably cuz in most (non-soap) shows, multiple people don't play the same character, but if the db is able to handle different actor names attached to the character, it should also show the appropriate photo next to that person's name. (and seems a little unfair to the other actor whose screenshot isn't shown next to their name)



gazza911 wrote 12 days ago: 1

Currently it only supports showing one image per character.

However, if the character doesn't have an image, then it would display the actor's image instead.

As one of the actor's image has been uploaded to the character, this is used for both of them.

david wrote 12 days ago: 2

Moving to bugs,, I'll look into this.

jcar03 wrote 11 days ago: 1

Yes, I hate this too especially for the soaps.  I often change it to the current person playing the part or you can remove it all together and it will default to the actors profile pic (as long as they have one).

Thomas wrote 11 days ago: 1

Yeah, still my preferred item that should be fixed as soon as possible to make it possible to tie character photos to an actor instead of showing one photo for all characters.... Kinda annoying tho.

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