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Ratings Roundup for the Week of October 31, 2021


NBC watched the bottom fall out of the ratings for both of its freshman drama series' last week. La Brea shed two tenths and more than a million viewers from the previous week. The show had been fairly steady up to this point. Was it an off week, or the start of a trend? Ordinary Joe hasn't had a good season and last week it got worse as the show lost a tenth and two hundred thousand viewers it couldn't afford. Fans should probably enjoy what's left as it won't see the other side of the holidays. Law & Order: SVU and The Blacklist were steady. 

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
Sunday Night Football4.315.7 
Football Night In America3.212.0 
Chicago Fire0.87.0Renewed (through 2023)
The Voice (Monday)0.86.5 
Chicago Med0.76.7Renewed (through 2023)
Chicago PD0.75.6Renewed (through 2023)
Law & Order: SVU0.74.3Renewed (through 2023)
The Voice (Tuesday)0.55.0 
Law & Order: Organised Crime0.53.2 
La Brea0.44.0 
Dateline (Friday)0.42.7 
The Blacklist0.33.1 
New Amsterdam0.32.8Renewed (through 2023)
Ordinary Joe0.22.2 
2021 Breeders Cup Classic0.21.4 
Home Sweet Home0.21.3 

ABC had a mixed bag last week. The Rookie returned after a week off down a tenth. The Good Doctor was steady at its new low. The Wednesday comedy block all held their previous week's numbers. The network filled some schedule time with a Queen Family Sing-Along special, which was a bit odd. The idea worked with Disney standards, not sure everything by Queen is really for family consumption. A Million Little Things reclaimed the bottom of the ratings grid last week, losing a tenth from the previous week. Queens lost another three hundred thousand viewers last week. It's only playing out the side at this point, if you're watching enjoy what's left. 

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
Dancing with the Stars (Monday)0.74.8 
The Bachelorette0.72.7 
The Goldbergs0.63.3 
America's Funniest Home Videos (rerun)0.54.3 
Shark Tank0.53.8 
Queen Family Sing-Along0.53.5 
The Conners0.53.1 
Celebrity Wheel of Fortune0.43.6 
The Good Doctor0.43.6 
The Wonder Years0.42.2 
College Football0.41.9 
The Rookie0.32.6 
Supermarket Sweep0.32.2 
Home Economics0.31.8 
A Million Little Things0.21.8 
Queens (rerun)0.21.3 
Queens (rerun)0.21.0 

CBS wrapped SEAL Team on the parent network last week with a cliffhanger that required viewers to then buy access to Paramount+ to see the conclusion. Not sure how well that plan will work for them. NCIS and all of its spinoffs returned last week after a week off. The parent show and NCIS: Hawai'i were steady. NCIS: Los Angeles was down a tenth, but none are in any real danger. The news was less good for the FBI franchise. All three shows returned after several weeks off and all were down. FBI and FBI International were down a tenth, while FBI Most Wanted lost two tenths from its last new episode. Ghosts was steady, managing to pick up an additional three hundred thousand viewers over the previous week. 

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
Young Sheldon0.77.1Renewed (through 2024)
60 Minutes0.67.1 
The Equaliser0.66.5 
The Neighborhood0.64.5 
FBI: International0.55.4 
NCIS: Los Angeles0.55.1 
NCIS: Hawai'i0.55.1 
Bob (Hearts) Abishola0.55.0 
Blue Bloods0.46.1 
Magnum PI0.45.4 
FBI: Most Wanted0.45.0 
United States of Al0.44.8 
B Positive0.44.4 
Tough As Nails0.42.6 
SEAL Team (finale)0.33.2Import
CSI: Vegas0.33.2 
48 Hours0.32.6 
Bull (rerun)0.21.7 
NCIS: Los Angeles (rerun)0.11.6 

FOX feasted on more sports last week, with NFL football and the wrap-up of the World Series giving the network some big numbers. After a few weeks off, Alter Ego shed another two-hundred thousand viewers. Don't expect the show to last. The Big Leap managed to gain three-hundred thousand viewers, but it won't matter. It's only playing out the side and will quietly disappear with the holidays. 9-1-1 was steady with its last new episode. 

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
NFL Overrun5.121.3 
MLB: World Series Game 63.414.0 
The OT3.313.3 
NFL: Thursday Night Football3.211.6 
MLB World Series: Game 53.113.6 
The Masked Singer0.94.2 
College Football0.52.4 
WWE Smackdown0.52.0 
Alter Ego0.42.0 
The Big Leap0.21.3 

The CW saw its first show top a million viewers for the season last week with a new episode of Walker. All American took the top spot in the chart as the only show able to earn a rating of more than 0.1. 4400 lost one-hundred thousand viewers off its premiere but isn't in any danger. Killer Camp was booted from the schedule for a second week, while Legends of the Hidden Temple dropped another hundred thousand viewers. Even the CW has a limit, and these two shows may have found it. 

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
All American0.20.5 
Penn & Teller: Fool Us0.10.7 
DC's Stargirl (finale)0.10.6 
DC's Legends of Tomorrow0.10.6 
Whose Line Is It Anyway?0.10.6 
Whose Line Is It Anyway? (rerun)0.10.5 
World's Funniest Animals0.10.4 
World's Funniest Animals (rerun)0.10.4 
Masters Of Illusion (rerun)0.10.3 
Masters Of Illusion (rerun)0.00.3 
Nancy Drew0.00.3 
Legends of the Hidden Temple0.00.2 

Only a few weeks left for the fall season before holiday programming kicks in for December. Will your favorite shows see the new year?


Written by LadyShelley on Nov 8, 2021


LadyShelley posted 26 days ago

@MantvydasN wrote:
Tried La Brea, really wanted to like it, but the way it was directed didn't sit well with me.

Adding a paywall is a great way to kill a show. Scummy move by CBS. The SEAL Team was going so well with this new season, sad news. 

I'm digging the new NCIS Hawai'i, the cast is great and the personal drama of the characters is not overtaking the show. 


Yeah not sure what CBS was thinking with the shift for SEAL Team. Want to move it over to the streamer ... okay, I guess. Seems a strange move to make, but whatever. But to then play the cliffhanger card to force people to go subscribe ... I'd be interested to know how many viewers rage-quit the show as a result. 

La Brea has honestly done better than I thought it would. Word of mouth on the show was bad from the start, but it managed to keep chugging along for several weeks before the wheels seemingly fell off. A quick check of the fast overnights and it looks like the show bounced back last night so it's possible last week's numbers were an outlier. 

NCIS Hawai'i is doing about as well as NCIS New Orleans. It shouldn't be in any danger. 

MantvydasN posted 26 days ago

Tried La Brea, really wanted to like it, but the way it was directed didn't sit well with me.

Adding a paywall is a great way to kill a show. Scummy move by CBS. The SEAL Team was going so well with this new season, sad news. 

I'm digging the new NCIS Hawai'i, the cast is great and the personal drama of the characters is not overtaking the show. 


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