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Ratings Roundup for the Week of October 23, 2022


The CW surprised another fanbase last week with the news Nancy Drew would end after its upcoming fourth season. For those keeping count, that's the third scripted show currently airing on the network to get a final season notice (the others being The Flash and Riverdale). What NexStar's gameplan is, is anyone's guess, but fans of any of the currently airing programs should be prepared for similar news. 

UPDATE: DC's Stargirl has also been cancelled as of this morning. That is four currently running scripted shows on the network cancelled this season. Stargirl will wrap its current, and now final season, December 7. 

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
All American0.140.5 
All American: Homecoming0.130.4 
Penn & Teller: Fool Us0.090.6 
The Winchesters0.090.5 
DC's Stargirl0.090.5Cancelled
Whose Line Is It Anyway?0.060.5 
Kung Fu0.060.4 
Whose Line Is It Anyway? (rerun)0.060.4 
Walker: Independence0.040.5 
Family Law0.030.3Import

ABC is not getting good results with its two new scripted dramas. Alaska Daily held its audience numbers, but it remains the second lowest show for the network. It also has not received any sort of news on more episodes, so chances are it will quietly end in December. After receiving a full season episode order, one hundred thousand fans of The Rookie: Feds rewarded the show by leaving. Chances are slim that it will be renewed. The Good Doctor managed to pick up a couple hundred thousand viewers last week. Abbott Elementary and Big Sky each found an additional four hundred thousand viewers last week. 

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
The Bachelor in Paradise (Tuesday)0.632.6 
The Bachelor in Paradise (Monday)0.582.4 
The Conners0.563.9 
Abbott Elementary0.552.9 
Station 190.533.4 
Celebrity Jeopardy!0.473.7 
Grey's Anatomy0.463.5 
America's Funniest Home Videos0.424.0 
The Goldbergs0.412.6 
Matthew Perry: The Diane Sawyer Interview0.404.1 
Home Economics0.392.2 
Celebrity Wheel of Fortune0.383.2 
The Rookie0.353.4 
The Good Doctor0.333.2 
Big Sky0.312.6 
Alaska Daily0.262.9 
The Rookie: Feds0.241.9 

CBS surprised no one by yanking The Real Love Boat last week. The remaining episodes will be burned off on Paramount+. Fire Country and So Help Me Todd saw gains last week. Fire Country picked up one hundred thousand viewers, while So Help Me Todd was up three hundred thousand. East New York dipped last week, losing one hundred thousand viewers. Right now, all three should be renewed. NCIS inched out The Equaliser by one hundred thousand viewers to reclaim the top spot for scripted dramas. CSI: Vegas is again slipping into the last-place spot for scripted shows. It held its viewer numbers from last week, but low-hanging fruit can get tempting if something needs to be cut. 

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
The Neighborhood0.635.8 
60 Minutes0.617.8 
Young Sheldon0.567.0Renewed
The Equaliser0.496.9Renewed
Bob (Hearts) Abishola0.465.4 
FBI (rerun)0.415.4Renewed
Blue Bloods0.405.5 
Fire Country0.405.2 
East New York0.375.3 
NCIS: Hawai'i0.365.0 
FBI: International (rerun)0.354.1Renewed
NCIS: Los Angeles0.343.9 
So Help Me Todd0.334.6 
The Amazing Race0.302.4 
FBI: Most Wanted (rerun)0.293.7Renewed
CSI: Vegas0.283.6 
The Real Love Boat0.191.7Cancelled

NBC saw the return of the Law & Order block, while the Chicago shows took the week off. Quantum Leap lost two hundred thousand viewers. La Brea was up one hundred thousand. Capitol One College Bowl wrapped its second season with back-to-back episodes. The finale episode dropped half a million viewers from its lead-in. Right now, there's no reason for the network to renew the show. Even for a game show, those numbers are low. 

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
NFL Football4.3815.5 
Football Night In America1.485.6 
The Voice (Tuesday)0.625.9 
The Voice (Monday)0.605.8 
Law & Order: SVU0.564.4 
Law & Order0.482.3 
Law & Order: Organised Crime0.453.2 
Chicago Fire (rerun)0.374.1Renewed
La Brea0.353.5 
Quantum Leap0.332.2 
Chicago Med (rerun)0.324.1Renewed
Chicago PD (rerun)0.313.2Renewed
New Amsterdam0.272.9Final Season
Capitol One College Bowl0.201.7 
Dateline (Friday)0.201.5 
Capitol One College Bowl (finale)0.201.2 

FOX feasted on sports last week with both an NFL overrun and the start of the MLB World Series. 9-1-1, The Cleaning Lady, Monarch, and Welcome To Flatch each picked up one hundred thousand viewers last week. The Resident lost four hundred thousand viewers. Call Me Kat found three hundred thousand more viewers than the previous week. 

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
NFL Overrun5.5422.3 
The OT2.869.9 
MLB: World Series Game 12.209.6 
The Simpsons1.143.6 
The Masked Singer0.724.2 
The Great North0.601.8 
Bob's Burgers0.491.5 
Hell's Kitchen0.464.0 
LEGO Masters0.431.8 
Family Guy0.421.4 
The Resident0.383.0 
The Cleaning Lady0.322.2 
Call Me Kat0.271.4 
Welcome To Flatch0.210.9 

Only a few more weeks for freshman shows to prove their worth before the holidays. Will your new favorite shows survive to see the Spring?

Written by LadyShelley on Oct 31, 2022


LadyShelley posted a month ago

@gmpugs wrote:
Eeessh, I'm running out of shows on CW, since they're cancelling them all. I wonder how much longer Kung Fu, Walker, Walker: Independence, and Superman & Lois will last.

I'm expecting similar news for Superman and Lois, the two All American shows, and probably for Kung Fu too. Walker is also in its third season, which doesn't bode well. Does make you wonder if Gotham Knights will ever see the light of day.

It could be they will ditch anything that is not shiny new (so The Winchesters and Walker: Independence might be safe) So far, they haven't said anything about their unscripted content (Penn & Teller, Whose Line, etc), and I wonder what those contracts for the Canadian imports look like. If those are season-to-season, expect them to disappear too. 

I honestly have no idea what their plan could be. Other than a few vague comments about re-jigging their viewer demographics, NexStar hasn't said what they plan to do with the network after this season. Trying to rebuild a network in this fragmented landscape is hard enough, but creating a second cancellation bloodbath is not going to fill viewers or advertisers with much confidence. 

gmpugs posted a month ago

Eeessh, I'm running out of shows on CW, since they're cancelling them all. I wonder how much longer Kung Fu, Walker, Walker: Independence, and Superman & Lois will last.

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