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Fighting Fire with Fire

While Oliver faces mayoral impeachment, Vigilante comes after him and Diggle, Wild Dog, and Mr. Terrific go after him. Meanwhile, Thea asks Felicity to help her get the votes necessary to keep Oliver in office, and Curtis hopes to reunite with his husband after upgrading his technology.

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By Gadfly on Mar 2, 2017

At City Hall, Oliver and his team make their way in past the reporters trying to get a statement. When Oliver, Quentin, Willa, and Dinah get to Oliver's office, Oliver figures that Prometheus leaked the information. He admits that he doesn't have a plan yet, but warns that if they lose the office then Prometheus wins. After Dinah leaves, Thea says that they should deny and obfuscate. Oliver suggests that they tell a version of the truth: Oliver gave Green Arrow the benefit of the doubt. Quentin…

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Venoox posted 5 years ago

Omg I cant believe Adrian is Prometheus :O

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