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Fighting Fire with Fire Recap

At City Hall, Oliver and his team make their way in past the reporters trying to get a statement. When Oliver, Quentin, Willa, and Dinah get to Oliver's office, Oliver figures that Prometheus leaked the information. He admits that he doesn't have a plan yet, but warns that if they lose the office then Prometheus wins. After Dinah leaves, Thea says that they should deny and obfuscate. Oliver suggests that they tell a version of the truth: Oliver gave Green Arrow the benefit of the doubt. Quentin goes to address the reporters, and Oliver tells Thea to make things right with Susan. Adrian comes in and gives Oliver his letter of resignation. Oliver says that he okayed the cover-up, but Adrian warns that Oliver won't be mayor for long.

Later, Adrian briefs the team on the council's procedure for impeaching Oliver as mayor. It's not a criminal trial and Oliver can't defend himself. Adrian again offers to resign, but Oliver asks him to be his lawyer at the hearings.

Five Years Ago

As Gregor prepares to shoot Anatoly and Oliver puts his gun to Gregor's head, Gregor says that Anatoly is poisoning the Bratva with American scum. Viktor and the other Bratva men arrive and Gregor tells them that Oliver and Anatoly are traitors. Anatoly utters a challenge and although Gregor refuses to honor it, Viktor says that they have to follow the Bratva code. After a moment, Gregor agrees and Oliver lowers his guns. As the Bratva lead them away, Anatoly tells Oliver that he bought them a little time.


Curtis is in the bunker working on two T-Spheres. Rene comes in and Curtis tells him that he's using his intellect rather than his physical skills. The T-Spheres are autonomous drones, one with offensive and the other with defensive capabilities. Curtis figures that Paul doesn't have to worry about him now that he has the T-Spheres in his arsenal... if he can get them to work.

Felicity is watching a newscast about the impeachment when Oliver comes in and says that Adrian is representing him. He asks about the data pull from Amanda's house, and Felicity admits that she hasn't had any luck yet. Oliver says that Susan isn't returning his calls since Felicity and Thea got him fired, and he needs Felicity's help. Felicity says that Oliver is his girlfriend and he has to fix it, but Oliver points out that she won't talk to him and he's facing an impeachment. After Felicity agrees, she tells Oliver that she figures that he'll beat the impeachment because he's the hero.

In his lair, Vigilante is watching the newscast about Oliver's impeachment and aims one of his guns at the screen.

Later at the courthouse, Oliver, Adrian, and Dinah arrive. As Adrian goes to the hearing room, Oliver sees Susan and tries to talk to her. She says that she's reporting to her blog and is going to say that Oliver doesn't take the job serious. He says that he's trying to restore her credibility, but Susan isn't interested.

In the hearing room, Councilman Kullens sums up the case that Oliver worked to hide the fact that Green Arrow murdered Billy.

At the bunker, the team watches the broadcast. Paul calls Curtis and finally steps aside to answer it. Diggle knows what Felicity and Thea did, and wonders what's going on with her. He points out that she has done darker things twice, and Felicity shows him the Pandora data sent by Helix. She insists that Pandora is just a tool, but Diggle says that it's a weapon depending on how she uses it.

M.E. Holcomb testifies that she originally found that an arrow like Arrow uses killed Billy. She states that Adrian came to her and told her to modify the report to incriminate Prometheus. Kullens asks why she did it, and Holcomb says that Adrian told her the request came from Oliver. Frank testifies next about what Oliver told him about how Prometheus was the killers. He admits that he's not sure if Arrow is the killer, and wonders why Oliver is determined to protect the vigilante.

After the hearing recesses, Oliver and his team leave. Quentin says that Pollard is their primary supporter since she can't call in his favor to her if he's impeached. Adrian goes to talk to her, and Oliver's limo leaves. Thea suggests that they ruin Billy's reputation to move the focus to him. Oliver refuses to consider it, and Quentin says that Kullens is the swing vote.

Vigilante steps out in front of the limo and opens fire. The limo flips over and Vigilante says that if Oliver surrenders then he'll let the rest of them live. Dinah gets out and hits him with a sonic scream, while Oliver gets Quentin and Thea out. Vigilante takes down Dinah, and Thea jumps him. he throws her clear and Oliver out to face Vigilante. He then takes cover as Vigilante opens fire on him. Police cars pull up and Vigilante leaves before they can arrive.

As the police secure the crime scene, a paramedic checks Oliver per concussion protocols. Oliver suspends the protocols, and Quentin comes over and says that the driver is fine. Adrian arrives and figures that vigilante is after Oliver now that he's considered a criminal. Oliver plans to head to the office, but Adrian tells him that amending bylaws like concussion protocol. Thea says that she'll go back to the office and says that they're working overtime while he goes to the hospital.

Thea goes to the bunker and tells them what happened. Diggle and Rene hit the streets, and Thea privately asks Felicity if Pandora contains any information on Kullens. She wants to use the information against Kullens, but insists that it's politics, not blackmail.

At the hospital, Dr. Schwartz tells Oliver that his CT scan is clear. However, she's required to keep him there for a few hours for observation. Schwartz warns that being mayor and Arrow is unsustainable mentally, and suggests that he get a friend. Once the doctor leaves, Oliver tries to call Susan and gets her voice mail.

Five Years Ago

At the Bratva bar, Anatoly tells Oliver that the challenge requires every captain to listen to him. He explains that the men who voted will be killed if Gregor is found guilty. Oliver says that they need to find evidence that Gregor's deal benefits himself and not the Bratva, and tells Anatoly that he has to go. Anatoly warns that Oliver has to have a captain with him in the hour before the hearing begins, and Oliver says that he'll lose him.


Dinah and a uni collect the casings, and Dinah notices a piece of Vigilante's visor on the ground.

At the bunker, Diggle and Rene tell Felicity that they found nothing. Felicity hasn't found anything trying to trace the ammunition. Dinah calls and says that her sonic cry knocked off a small piece of his visor. It has circuitry, meaning that it's manufactured. Curtis says that his T-Spheres can trace the tech, and Dinah says that she's bringing in the visor. As Curtis and Rene go to the workbench, Curtis tells his teammate that Paul asked him to dinner and he figures he's going to get his man back. Rene isn't convinced, but Curtis figures that Paul is ready to reconcile.

Adrian notices Dinah hanging up, and she claims that it was a family call. He says that he'll log in the visor as evidence, takes it, and leaves.

Prometheus finds Vigilante on a rooftop, says that Oliver is his, and throws a star at Vigilante. Vigilante catches it and says that he'll kill Oliver, and opens fire on Prometheus. Prometheus attacks him and he shoves Vigilante off the rooftop. Adrian then removes his hood, takes out a cellphone and reports a Vigilante sighting.

At the bunker, Felicity is sorting through data on the car crash that killed Kullens' wife. She closes the data screens as Diggle arrives, but Diggle knows that she's up to something. Felicity explains that Kullens' wife crashed her car on purpose and Kullens covered it up, and the city needs Oliver. Diggle says that it isn't Felicity, and she says that it is. He tells her that her superpower is empathy, and Felicity admits that she's out of it since Billy died. She's watched all of them use darkness to fight a dark world, but Diggle warns her that every time they risk being burned.

At the station, Adrian meets with Frank and insists that Arrow got played. When Adrian sets down the evidence bag with the visor piece, Dinah snags it.

After Felicity told him what she found, Oliver visits Thea's office and asks if she sent the information on Kullens' wife. Thea says that she hasn't sent the email yet, and says that it's time to play hardball. She lists all of the things that Oliver has done as mayor, and tells him to let her do what she has to so he can keep helping. Oliver tells her what Diggle said about getting burned, and Thea insists that it will be fine. He reminds her that she destroyed Susan's career and now she's using blackmail, and he asks her when it stops.

Five Years Ago

Oliver breaks into Kovar's manor, setting off the motion sensor elsewhere to draw off the guard. He goes to Kovar's computer and brings up the financial records.


Curtis attunes his T-Sphere to Vigilante's tech and confirms that it can pick up the signal from the visor. It tracks the rest of the visor, and they team decides to go after Vigilante without Oliver.

Adrian visits Oliver in his office and reports that Pollard won't testify without Kullens' blessing. The only other way to save Oliver is to offer up either him or Billy. Adrian warns that if Oliver doesn't do it then they'll impeach him. Oliver figures that he needs to take his case to the public since the council won't let him testify, and says that he's throw Arrow under the bus.

That night, Oliver prepares to go out to address the press.

The team tracks the visor's signal to a building and Felicity confirms that it has lie-of-sight to where Oliver is giving his speech. She confirms that the sixth floor is under renovation and they head there.

Vigilante darts a guard unconscious and sets up his sniper rifle.

The team notifies Dinah, who tells Oliver what they've learned and that Vigilante is waiting for him. Oliver figures that he'll be fine if his team is there. He goes to the podium.

The team moves in on Vigilante's position and set off a hidden motion sensor Vigilante planted. Oliver begins his speech and says that Arrow murdered Billy.

Vigilante opens fire on the trio and the T-Sphere rolls toward him. Mr. Terrific chuckles and says that he found a new use for it as it explodes .When the smoke clears, the team discovers that Vigilante has moved to the roof. He opens fire on them. They take cover and Spartan gets close enough to Vigilante to engage him in hand-to-hand. Vigilante manages to shoot him in the chest.

Oliver says that he tried to protect Arrow because he's a cop-killer, and he didn't think the city could afford to lose another hero.

As Vigilante moves in on Wild Dog, Mr. Terrific throws his second T-Sphere at the killer. It shoots past him and Mr. Terrific says that they aim themselves. The T-Sphere comes around on its own and explodes, and Mr. Terrific gets Wild Dog up as Vigilante slips away. Spartan joins them, alive thanks to the Kevlar Cisco added to his uniform.

Oliver says that Arrow has gone rogue and they must punish him for what he has done. He says that Arrow is keeping Star City from being the best it can be.

Later, Quentin and Thea meet Oliver in his office. Quentin says that the council is still deliberating, and asks what it feels like to turn himself into a villain. He tells Oliver that Susan is there and Oliver has her come in. Susan says that an anonymous hacker confessed that the plagiarism story was fake, and her boss apologized and gave her her job back. She realizes that Oliver made the hacker make it right, and thanks him. Susan says that she'll keep Oliver's secret, and he wonders what happens with them. Adrian and Quentin interrupt before she can respond, and tell Oliver that the council voted against impeachment. Oliver thanks Adrian for his help, and Adrian says that Oliver isn't just his boss but his friend.

Oliver goes to see Thea, who is packing up her things. She says that Oliver was right and she's getting deeper and deeper into the mud. Oliver says that he needs her there, but Thea tells him that she's broken and she needs Oliver to let her go so she can try and fix herself. Her brother accepts her resignation and they hug.

Five Years Later

At the Bratva meeting, Viktor tells everyone to align with either Gregor or Anatoly. The other captains all go over to Gregor's side... and Oliver arrives and asks for ten seconds. He shows them the laptop and says that it has the records confirming the 80 million rubles in transfers from Kovar's accounts to Gregor's. It also contains 40 million rubles from Kovar that Gregor hasn't disclosed. Viktor confirms the evidence and tells anyone who wishes to cast a new vote. Half of the captains go to Anatoly, making Viktor the deciding vote. Viktor goes to Anatoly, and Gregor has his men open fire on the others.


Oliver returns to the bunker and says that he wasn't impeached. Felicity and Dinah both worry that the cops will come after them now that they believe Arrow is a cop-killer. Curtis says that he's getting back with Paul and Oliver tells them to all have fun. He thanks them all for working hard and banding together, and Curtis cuts him off to leave.

Curtis arrives at the restaurant and joins Paul. He tells Paul that he loves him, and Paul gives him divorce papers, apologizes, and leaves.

Felicity arranges a meeting with Alena and says that she's ready to join Helix.

As Susan goes to her car, Adrian approaches her and says that he has an exclusive. When she tries to leave, saying that she has a dinner, Adrian stops her and says that it's a matter of life and death.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 2, 2017

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