The Once and Future Flash

Barry travels to 2024 to discover who Savitar is and use the information to save Iris. However, he soon discovers that Team Flash was destroyed when Iris was killed... and Barry is responsible. Meanwhile, Killer Frost finds someone who can give her what she wants.


By Gadfly on Apr 26, 2017

At home, Barry realizes that he needs to travel to 2024. He notices Iris looking at a photo of her and Joe, and Iris asks Barry to promise that if Savitar kills her then he doesn't let Joe spiral out of control. Barry finally does so, and he gets an alert from S.T.A.R. Labs. Killer Frost attacks Cisco, H.R., and Julian with her ice blasts. She finally confronts Julian, who insists that she doesn't want to hurt him. As she starts to kiss him, Cisco blasts her and gets Julian out. They run down…

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