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The Vengers

Billy Billions seeks help of Mazuma, Will Harangue, Kangaroo Kommando, and Captain Nemesis to form a team (AKA: The Vengers) to take down Ben, make him look bad in front of all of Bellwood, and claim the title as the protectors of Bellwood. As the Vengers 'rescue' people before Ben and in better fashion, while Harangue edits footage to make them look good. With Ben annoyed at no longer seeking help or getting respect for helping, he "quits" being a superhero. It turns out that while they try and keep up their "heroics", without Ben they keep trying to one up the other for the spotlight. As The Vengers fight over who gets the most fame, Ben and Rook plan to take them down as the villains continuously attack each other. After realizing they're better as a team of villains, they fight Ben and Rook on live TV where everyone sees them for who they really are. They lose and flee, with local authorities in pursuit.

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