I Know Who You Are

The team finds Tracy Brand, the woman that Future-Barry said would be able to imprison Savitar four years in the future. However, Savitar intends to kill Tracy and is using Killer Frost to do so. Meanwhile, Cecile tells Joe that she loves him and he freezes up.


By Gadfly on May 3, 2017

Barry faces Savitar and says that he knows who he is. 16 Hours Earlier Joe and Cecile return to the West house after a marathon, They kiss and Cecile casually says that she love him. She apologizes and Joe takes a call from Barry. He tells Cecile that he has to head out. At the lab, Barry tells the others what he's learned about physicist Tracy Brand. She's the key to stopping Savitar because in four years, Tracy will invent the technology that will trap Savitar in the Speed Force. They…

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JCuervo_a posted a year ago

And that's how a comma can change a whole season

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