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Crazy Diamond

A synthetic human--a "chimera"--tries to save her failing life by seducing a scientist into helping her steal quantum consciousnesses. With a QC the chimera--Jill--can restore her life and the two of them can use the money to sail off.

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By Gadfly on Jan 21, 2018

At a lighthouse in the country, Jill tells Ed Morris that everything is decaying and she's running out of time. Ed watches in horror as Jill turns into a withered corpse... and wakes up from his nightmare. He's aboard his boat that he's working on, and goes ashore. Ed drives home and tells his wife Sally that he's almost done with the deck. Sally says that they have a visitor who wants to talk to them about double indemnity. The woman, Jill, is the woman from Ed's nightmare. Seven Days Earlie…

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Episode Discussion

Alastor posted 3 years ago

The only really good thing about this episdoe was Sidse Babett Knudsen

IrvingReyes posted 3 years ago

I did not like this episode very much..

Thomas posted 3 years ago

This episode was so dull. So far I only liked one episode very much.

erinah posted 3 years ago

It's high time to delete Philip K. Dick's name from the show title... :/

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