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Sabine convinces Jacinda to join her in a baginet-making operation so that they can escape Victoria's tyranny, but Victoria has a plan of her own. In the past, Tiana sets out to find a prince with the help of a traveling soothsayer, Dr. Facilier, but Facilier has a plan to get the Firefly Ruby in Tiana's possession.

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By Gadfly on Nov 4, 2017

Victoria takes tea to the Witch, and admits that Lucy has a resilient spirit. The Witch points out that Victoria will never get Anastasia back as long as Lucy believes, and says that Victoria has always thought of belief as something solid hat can easily be removed. She warns that believe is a weed and it has to be uprooted at the source. Victoria offers the Witch tea, and the witch says that she wants her special brew. Her captor says that the Witch will get it when she gives her the answers.…

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Episode Discussion

casper1701e posted 2 years ago

Still not sitting well to have a mexican Cinderella, plus this has so far proven to be no longer a great fairy tale idea for a series...instead you've really turned it into a total crapfest.

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