Is This Henry Mills?

Regina and Lucy try to find a way to restore Henry's memories and break the curse before it's too late. In the past, Young Henry considers his future and receives a surprising phone call.


By Gadfly on May 5, 2018

A storm gathers over Hyperion Heights, and Lucy runs to the bar and tells Regina that true love's kiss didn't work. The girl explains that Samdi cured Henry but they're still cursed. Gothel appears and says that the clouds are a rebirth, and the balance of nature is changing. She says that if Regina joins her as the eighth wish, she'll spare Regina's favor. Regina refuses, and Gothel points out that she has no magic and Henry's belief is gone and there's nothing Regina can do to bring it back.…

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Episode Discussion

DougMathieson posted 8 months ago

Finally getting a few good episodes now after what has been to me a meaningless season Looks like they are going to finish off the series on a high note although to me the end of season six is the real finale

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