Lose Yourself

Team Flash tracks down the last bus meta, Edwin Guass, and discover that he holds the key to defeating Thinker. Meanwhile, Ralph considers taking extreme measures against Thinker,


By Gadfly on Apr 18, 2018

Barry and Ralph go to the lot where the bus that was exposed to the dark matter and check the bus for clues to locate Edwin Gauss, scanning dark matter anomalies. Ralph finds his Big Belly punch card and suggests that they kill Thinker. Barry says that they're not going to kill him, and tells Ralph that people with their powers can always find another way. He continues scanning and picks up Edwin's location on the bus when the dark matter hit. Ralph remembers Edwin paying his bus fare, and the r…

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Episode Discussion

SilverSurfer posted a year ago

I'm rating this episode as a 1/10. It gets soooooooo tiresome to listen to the same self absorbed naval gazing "but we're heros" ... "we save people, we don't kill them" ... "we do the right thing" ... meanwhile the body count keeps piling up. And this holier than thou attitude doesn't seem to include committing fraud & perjury in order to illegally get a convicted (albeit erroneously) felon out of jail ... or kidnapping ... or holding people without due process.

Get over yourselves. Life ain't Black & White, it's a bell curve of shades of gray.

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