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The Robinson family find themselves crashing on an ice-covered planet after their colony ship, the Resolute, is destroyed. Now the family must survive with the help of an unforeseen ally.

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By Gadfly on Jun 3, 2018

Drifting in space aboard a Jupiter, the five members of the Robinson family play Go Fish in zero-g. Their father, John, points out that they don't have anything better to do. Youngest son Will stares off into space for a moment until John gets his attention. Penny wonders why their trip went astray since the Resolute has made 23 safe trips. Her mother Maureen tells her that there's no point in speculating. The computer announces that the de-orbiting burn is complete, and the Robinsons put on…

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Episode Discussion

casper1701e posted a year ago

The Judy character was an instant turn-off to me.  And the way they wrote Maureen was a very close second.  I ended up having to ff thru anything and everything that wasn't John/and or Will 14 minutes in...absolutely horrible.  The alien(?) robot was cool.  Of course no one expected them to follow suit with the great and campy Lost in Space from the 60's, but omg to make those two characters so despicably horrible was totally uncalled for...I'm shocked that they renewed this.  I am really bummed that they went in that direction because I was really looking forward to this one. Let's hope Altered Carbon is better cause I won't be watching any more episodes of this one.

Mum2StaffyBulls posted a year ago

I was not quite a teenager when the original came on TV, but I loved it without hesitation because there was not that much fantasy/SciFi available back then. Shoot, living in a town in Utah, there wasn't much of anything available. I hated it when I was sick and couldn't sleep. I can't remember if all the TV channels went off the air at midnight or 1 am, but you could watch the Indian head screen for awhile if you didn't get so bored looking at a picture that you went off the air before the station did! I don't compare remakes with the originals because I've been around long enough to know that such comparisons are usually not fruitful. If you want the original, find and watch the original. If you're looking for something slightly familiar, but not exactly, well, here ya go! I agree with DenisMoulin's comment and enjoyed the "not stellar!"

DenisMoulin posted 3 years ago

Quite slow, not stellar (hahaha), not great ...

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