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Leaving Storybrooke

The Wish Rumplestiltskin crafts magical prisons for all of his adversaries, and needs Young Henry to kill Regina so that he can send everyone. To stop him, Gold and Hook must make the ultimate sacrifice.

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By Gadfly on May 19, 2018

In Storybrooke, the dwarves are walking down the street whistling. When they get to the diner, Granny gives them their sandwiches for the day... and Alice and Robin arrive, almost hitting them. Alice explains where they came from and then Henry needs their help. Grumpy says that they understand and declares them intruders. Alice and Robin run away and hide when the townspeople chase them. The two women hide and spot Regina's car, and go over. Zelena is there with her 5-year-old Robin, and she te…

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Episode Discussion

Avoozl posted 5 years ago

Season 7 just felt like a really bad spinoff. If the show had instead ended with season 6, it would've been so much better.

casper1701e posted 5 years ago

Wow...horrible ending for a show that's been so magical and on the air for seven years. Why more than one timeline with 2 Henrys, 2 Hooks...made no sense. Emma a total afterthought...if even a either Henry...really guys you could have done so much better than that. Very disappointed.

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