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The Mettle of Man

Ash must face his destiny as Kandar the Destroyer emerges into the real world, and spread chaos and destruction among humanity.

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By Gadfly on Apr 29, 2018

Ash, Brandy, and Pablo look at the giant black hand emerging from the street, and Ash tells them to run. He has Pablo help him get Kelly's body from the car and tells Brandy to get the Dagger. The Deadite bartender Frank grabs Brandy as she finds the Dagger, and Ash knocks him away. They get out the back and Brandy stabs Frank in the mouth as he tries to get through the door. Ash tells her that he's proud of his daughter and they run through the alley and see the giant Deadite creature. Pabl…

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Episode Discussion

CodyCavanaugh posted 4 years ago

Ended on a Fury Road cliffhanger. Goddammit.

JuanArango posted 4 years ago

This is the end of the character named Ash. It was a hell of a ride from the first Evil Dead movie to the fitting Finale of the series.

CodyCavanaugh posted 4 years ago

This is now the series finale. Starz cancelled the show on 4/20. Way to kill my buzz, Starz.

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