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The Mettle of Man Recap

Ash, Brandy, and Pablo look at the giant black hand emerging from the street, and Ash tells them to run. He has Pablo help him get Kelly's body from the car and tells Brandy to get the Dagger. The Deadite bartender Frank grabs Brandy as she finds the Dagger, and Ash knocks him away. They get out the back and Brandy stabs Frank in the mouth as he tries to get through the door.

Ash tells her that he's proud of his daughter and they run through the alley and see the giant Deadite creature. Pablo says that it's Kandar the Destroyer, and he has come to test the mettle of Man. He tells Pablo that it's his final test, and Ash tells the civilians that it's bullshit and he's not doing it. Deputy Masters tries to shove him out, and calls Ash a coward when he refuses. The deputy sheriff goes out and yells to Kandar, and the Deadite force jumps into his body. The other run and the possessed Masters kills a wheelchair vet.

Ash and the others get to the Williams house and barricade the door, and Ash admits that it's worse than usual. Pablo points out the news showing similar outbreaks through the world. The power goes out and Ash realizes that he's doomed humanity. He grabs a beer and complains that people never listened to him, and says that he didn't ask for it. Ash admits that he's a failure, and Pablo tells him that they're still in it. Brandy slaps the beer out of her father's hand and says that's enough, and tells him to get onto his feet and own up to who he is. She points out that Ash taught her to believe in him, and begs him not to let her down. Ash agrees and manages to get up, and says that he's going to show the world what a Williams can do... after he gets baked. He refuses to let Brandy do it, saying she's not going to pick up his bad habits, and tells Brandy that she's leaving town because he can't watch her die again. Brandy says that Ash is all that she has and they're going to die together. Her father agrees and Ash tells Pablo that they're going to the rift. Pablo wonders how, explaining that the Deadites see him as one of them. Ash figures that he knows a way to get there.

Ash leads the others to a manhole which gives them access to the sewers. Pablo takes Kelly's body in a cart, while Ash and Brandy go into the abandoned mine the town drains into. Behind them, a figure moves in the darkness.

Pablo moves through the streets, the Deadites ignoring him. Military jets open fire on Kandar and he ignores the bullets and brings one jet down.

As they go through the sewers, Brandy tells Ash that once it's over she'd like to hear what his life has been like. Ash agrees and takes out the necklace he's had since the day he found the Necronomicon. he thought that it would keep him safe, and gives it to Brandy so she can carry on. They hug, and something moves in the darkness around them. A horde of Deadites appear and green goo drips down from more on the ceiling. Ash and Brandy open fire and fight, retreating into an extension pipe and closing the hatch.

Pablo reaches the cellar. Ash and Brandy emerge from the drain line and Pablo says that the rift is already open and he can go in. Three Deadites enter the cellar and Ash tells Pablo to go get Kelly. While one Deadite tackles Brandy, Ash kills another and the third one jumps him. Pablo chains one up and tosses the other end into the rift, and it pulls tight, decapitating the Deadite. Brandy jams the Dagger into the last one's head, killing him.

Pablo emerges from the rift and it closes. He says that he brought Kelly through but her body doesn't respond. he apologizes for not saving her, and Kelly comes back to life and asks if she's alive. They tell her that she is and Pablo kisses her. Kelly apologizes to Ash for going after Ruby on her own, and admits that she's not him.

The building shakes and everyone heads for the exit after Ash grabs his shotgun. The ceiling comes down behind them, and outside soldiers and tanks are firing on Kandar without effect. Pablo goes to help a young girl who has lost her mother. An officer leads the others off, and Kelly clutches at her legs as she walks. The Deadite force possesses a soldier, who opens fire on his former comrades. Kelly grabs a gun and kills him, then helps one wounded soldier to the transport where the others are waiting. The commanding officer says that they're going to nuke Kandar, and Pablo warns Ash that it will just make it stronger. When Ash tries to tell the officer, he orders Ash into the transport.

Kelly is gunning down approaching Deadites, and Ash drags her to the transport. He grabs the Dagger, slams the door, and tells the others that he's not going to run from the fight anymore. Ash tells Kelly that people will need her to save them and Pablo is the Jefe. Brandy reminds him that he said he wouldn't leave her, and Ash tells her that for once he has to accept who he is. The transport takes off with the others.

Ash turns to Kandar and finds an abandoned tank. He gets in and starts it up, and runs over Pablo's taco stand. Ash runs over a car and then heads for Kandar. He tapes the Dagger to a missile, loads it in the breach, and then whistles to Kandar and gives him the finger. Kandar heads toward him, and Ash aims the cannon and fires... and nothing happens. The demon picks up the tank and prepares to eat it, and Ash finds the override button. The cannon fires, shooting the Dagger into Kandar. It drops the tank and staggers back, and collapses on top of the tank.

Later Ash wakes up and a Knight drags him away and puts him in a box.

Sometime in the future, the container Ash is in opens automatically. Ash wakes up and climbs out, and realizes that he has a cybernetic right hand that looks normal. He opens the door and a female android, Lexx, approaches him and kneels. She reports that the Savior is awake and tells Ash to come with her. Ash follows her to the outside, and a world that is destroyed. Lexx reveals Ash's car, modified with heavy weaponry, tosses him the keys, and says that she'll explain everything while he drives. She gets into the turret and Ash drives out into the world cheering.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 29, 2018

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