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Coulson convinces one of Hale's people to help him. Meanwhile, Jemma and Elena come up with a plan to free Fitz, while Daisy and Melinda turn to Robin for help.


By Gadfly on Apr 7, 2018

Coulson sits in his cell in the Hydra base and tells Hale via the security camera that it's petty for her to take away his cot and chair. Meanwhile, Hale tells Ruby and Creel that Coulson will pay for shooting Talbot after he turns over his Inhumans. There's a mass of Gravitonium in a case in the next room, and Hale offers Creel the chance to transform into a hero. Creel goes into the next room and Ruby asks Hale why she's giving Creel the metal when Talbot gave them the location and they're wai…

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