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The Honeymoon

Deke is injured trying to help Daisy, while Fitzsimmons and Elena discover what Hale has planned. Meanwhile, Melinda makes a confession to Coulson.

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By Gadfly on Apr 14, 2018

The Quinjet arrives in Herefordshire, England, and Jemma confirms with Fitz that he packed extra explosives and ammo. He tells her that she made a choice and shouldn't look back, and tells Elena that Malick said there was a Hydra R&D base nearby there. As they prepare to jump, Jemma says that she thought they could come back to England for their honeymoon, and they all jump. In the forest, Coulson and Talbot head cover and Talbot finally says that he needs to take break. When Coulson obje…

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Episode Discussion

casper1701e posted 2 years ago

I disagree...yes, because of the position Coulson put her in, Daisy was "in charge". But...Coulson made a huge mistake in doing that...she is soooooo not ready for anything even close to being in charge...look at the stupidity she displayed giving a pow a phone! And perhaps if she weren't barking like a mad dog, Deke wouldn't have felt compelled to "disobey" her. He likes her for some unknown reason, he really was trying to just show his worth. Fitz and Daisy both treat him like shit.

Pers posted 2 years ago

No, Deke is not injured 'trying to help Daisy'. He's injured after disobeying a direct order to watch the backs of Coulson and Talbot. He's injured after trying to interfere where he had no business doing so because he's a misogynistic pos who hates the fact that Daisy's in a position of power and authority.

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