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Inside Voices Recap

Coulson sits in his cell in the Hydra base and tells Hale via the security camera that it's petty for her to take away his cot and chair. Meanwhile, Hale tells Ruby and Creel that Coulson will pay for shooting Talbot after he turns over his Inhumans. There's a mass of Gravitonium in a case in the next room, and Hale offers Creel the chance to transform into a hero. Creel goes into the next room and Ruby asks Hale why she's giving Creel the metal when Talbot gave them the location and they're waiting for Werner to show them how to put it together. The general figures that Creel will give them answers when he touches the Gravitonium. She says that she doesn't want to infuse Ruby with the Gravitonium before they know what it can do. Hale refuses to negotiate with Coulson anymore and tells Creel over the intercom to begin.

Creel starts to touch the Gravitonium, but it grabs his hand. The mechs pull him away, and Creel says that it's alive.

In the S.H.I.E.L.D. gym, Elena is punching a bag with her new cybernetic arms when Mack comes in and realizes that she's stronger than before. He advises her to take it slowly, pointing out that she thinks she's indestructible, and Elena dismisses it as the pain medication talking. Mack offers to check her arms later, saying that his interest is purely mechanical, and Elena agrees as he gives her a water bottle. As Mack leaves, Elena realizes that she's unconsciously crushed the water bottle.

Fitz looks over Deke and says that he doesn’t look like Fitz. Deke says that Fitz programming a robot to put a gun to his head is the first time that he respected Fitz, and figures that they have to play the long game or the world will end.

As deke leaves, Jemma approaches him and asks what he remembers of his grandparents in the future. All Deke knows is that they made it to the Lighthouse, and his mother never mentioned any health issues. Deke says that Jemma reminds him of his mother, and Jemma says that it's dangerous to know too much of the future. He excuses himself, pointing out that Daisy has become a hard-ass because she took charge.

As Daisy and Melinda go to the command center, Daisy tells Melinda they need to get Robin to find out the future. Deke joins them and apologizes for being late. He quickly excuses himself, and Jemma approaches the two women and says that they should release Fitz because he has a lead on the Hydra weapon and they can get to it before Hale. Once Jemma leaves, Melinda tells Daisy to dial it back and that everyone is getting used to her being leader. Daisy says that she's only filling in for Coulson until they get him back.

Jemma takes Elena to Fitz's cell and says that she believes Elena when she thinks that she's indestructible because she exists in the future. She tells Elena that Deke is their grandson, and Elena figures that makes all three of them invincible. Fitz figures that Hale is after a weapon powered by Gravitonium, where Malick turned it over to S.H.I.E.L.D.. Elena agrees to go there, and Jemma asks Fitz if he trusts her. He says that he does, and Jemma says that they'll release him and Mack will try to stop them but fail.

Creel is sitting in his room when Hale comes in and asks how he's feeling. He says that he can't control whatever is inside of him, and Hale tells him that they're a creation of the old Hydra. They lost their footing when Hydra was destroyed, and now Creel gets to choose what he is. She says that they're going to conduct another test soon and whether Creel takes the next step is up to him.

The team flies the Zephyr to the cabin where Polly and Robin are hiding. Daisy apologizes for approaching them and greets Robin, who ignores her. Polly tells Daisy that Robin hasn't been doing well for a couple of weeks, and whatever she's seeing is overwhelming her.

Werner is going through his father's journal when Ruby comes in. She stares at him and Werner says that there's no one journal that contains everything. Ruby warns that they're running out of time and explains that Hale gave Creel the Gravitonium. She figures that her mother is up to something, and Werner says that the Gravitonium is meant for Ruby. Ruby insists that she is close to becoming the Destroyer of Worlds, and Werner promises to get her there.

As Davis flies the Zephyr back to base, Daisy tells Robin that she was scared of her powers at first and promises that it will get better. She asks Robin to try and find Coulson so he can help Robin get better. When she tries to take Robin's hand, Robin pulls away and Daisy goes off.

Mack checks Elena's mechanical arms, and Elena says that she wants Mack to let Fitz out of his cell so they can find the weapon. Mack tells her to take it up with Coulson when he gets back, but Elena warns that they may not have the time. She says that she doesn't want to give up on the future, and warns Mack that he can't protect her forever. Mack points out that maybe she's alive in the future because he did, and says that Fitz stays where he is and so does Elena.

Creel has visions of a man telling Coulson that he sees the future. He gets up and breaks out of his cell, destroying the mech on guard. Creel then goes to Coulson's cell, slams him into the wall, and says that the Gravitonium wants Coulson dead. When Creel says that S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hydra both engage in experimentation without worrying about the consequences, Coulson says that S.H.I.E.L.D. would never do what Hale did to Coulson. Creel doesn't believe him, and Coulson tells him that the mech guard will come by in a few minutes and Creel has a choice to make. Creel goes out and destroys the mech, and then tells Coulson that they're going to check out his story.

As the Zephyr continues to the base, Polly apologizes to Daisy for not being able to help. She shows Daisy Robin's last drawing of the future and the elderly Robin dying. Robin walks up and approaches Melinda, calling her "Mom". The girl hugs Melinda and says that she missed her, and reminds her that she said Flint would get them back.

Coulson and Creel go to the off-limit wing and hear Talbot ranting. They enter the cell and Talbot recognizes Creel. Creel complains that Coulson's robot shot Talbot in the head, and Coulson says that they can worry about that later. Talbot starts ranting and Coulson tells him to use his inside voice.

Elena takes Mack to someone who can convince him. Jemma has a cart with four beakers, three holding water and one holding toxic oil, and says that she's going to prove that she can't be killed. Fitz objects but Jemma assure his that the science is sound. Since she can't be killed, she'll drink three of them and have to drink the unpoisoned ones. Elena secretly shuffles the beakers and Jemma drinks one beaker and is unharmed. when Mack tries to intervene, Elena steps in his way. Jemma drinks another beaker and prepares to drink the third. Mack draws his gun and threatens to wound her , but Jemma doesn't think that he will. She drinks the third beaker and after a moment becomes violently ill.

Fitz tells Mack that he knows where the chemicals are to make an antidote and begs Mack to let him out. Mack does so and Elena locks Mack in the cell at superspeed. Jemma stands up, unharmed, and a relieved Fitz hugs her. Jemma says that it wasn't all a lie and reveals that the fourth beaker was actually poisoned. Elena tells Mack that she's doing it to keep him safe, and figures that if she doesn't come back then they've broken the time loop. Fitz doesn't agree, and Elena says that if he's right then they're in no danger. She picks up the gun and her mechanical fingers contract, firing a shot into the wall. Shocked, everyone stares at the bullet hole and then leaves.

Robin goes back to drawing and Melinda figures that she stopped drawing before because she saw her death in the future. Melinda promises that they're going to stop that future from happening, and Robin tells her that Coulson can put all of the pieces together. Robin tells Melinda that "he is going to die". and Melinda insists that they can save him. She finds a new drawing of Coulson and Talbot standing in the forest.

Daisy meets with Deke and says that it must be tough bouncing through time like Robin is. Melinda shows them the sketch and they identify the mountains in the background.

As Creel leads Coulson and Talbot out, he has another vision. He says that it's nothing and moves on, and Talbot loudly says that he's not the only one with mental problems. Nearby a mech hears Talbot speaking.

Ruby brings Werner some food just as an alarm goes off. Hale comes in and tells Ruby to suit up and bring back Creel alive.

Jemma and the others board a Quinjet and head out for the location of the weapon.

When a squad of mechs approach them, Creel tells the others to stay behind him. One of them punches Coulson in the heart and prepares to kill him, and Talbot shoots the mech from behind. Talbot then yells at Creel to do something. He sticks his fingers into one of the downed mech's chest, transforms into metal, and feeds a jolt of electricity into Coulson's heart. Coulson thanks Creel, who helps him up. as they head for the exit, Ruby and her mechs block their way. The mechs open fire as the men run around the corner.

On the Zephyr, Melinda tells Polly that they don't have time to take them back. Polly tells Melinda that she knows that she's not in Robin's drawings, and Melinda assures her that she won't die. Robin asks Polly to sit next to her and takes her hand.

Creel tells Coulson and Talbot that Ruby is blocking the only way out. Coulson sees the door to the Confederacy teleporter room and has Creel open it. Ruby arrives and Creel tells the other two men that he'll hold them off. Ruby orders the mechs to kill Coulson and Talbot while she deals with Creel.

Coulson figures that as long as they don't mess with the altitude on the teleporter, they can teleport out of the base without going to outer space. The mechs burst in just as they teleport away.

Ruby and Creel fight, and Creel knocks Ruby into a rack of dumbbells. She hits him with one but he manages to knock her back and grabs a wooden staff as a weapon. As Ruby prepares to kill Creel with a chakram, Hale arrives and orders to stand down, but Ruby throws the chakram anyway. Creel transforms into wood to avoid being killed, and Hale asks who Ruby thinks she is. Ruby says that she's the Destroyer of Worlds, and Hale tells her to get Coulson and Talbot.

Coulson and Talbot teleport into a snow-covered forest, and move off.

Four Years Ago

Raina rescues Quinn, who thanks her for getting through the men. He wonders why she gave him the Gravitonium, and she says that it cement a bond. Quinn says that he just wanted the Gravitonium, and Raina says that it wanted him. She opens the case holding the Gravitonium, and it oozes out, engulfs and consumes Quinn, and goes back into the case.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 7, 2018

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