Old School

The Runaways are suspicious of Topher, and he tries to prove himself by helping them break into Atlas Academy to get a computer processor that Alex needs. Meanwhile, Gert risks exposing the group to get her anxiety meds, the Yorkes try to determine if their serum against Jonah will work, and Jonah takes Karolina to find out about herself.


By Gadfly on Dec 29, 2018

Topher tells the Runaways that he's not going to hurt them, and says that Molly doesn't know him... yet. Alex asks who he is, and Gert figures that he's some kind of criminal. Topher explains that he saw Molly pick up a car and she's a hero, and Molly admits that she protected a woman from her pimp. Nico uses the Staff of One to put him in a Cone of Silence and asks what they should do with him. Karolina points out that Topher is just like them and Molly agrees, but the others don't want to risk…

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