The Demon

Felicity discovers that Oliver's visitation rights have been revoked, while Oliver meets an old friend on Level Two and forms an alliance. Meanwhile, Curtis has second thoughts about going out into the field as an ARGUS undercover operative, and Laurel and Dinah join forces to help Felicity.


By Gadfly on Nov 13, 2018

Oliver lies on his bunk holding a photo of Felicity and William. A guard, Magee, comes in and orders him up, and Oliver gets up. Magee says that he's Oliver's new best friend and has him hold out his hand. When Oliver does so, the guard puts a tracking bracelet on him. Magee says that Parker told him that he's ready for phase 2, and is taking Oliver "down the rabbit hole". The guard escorts Oliver and they watch two orderlies take a prisoner away. The reaper stares at Oliver from his cell, an…

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