Sam and Dean find a magical pearl that grants the user's "heart's desire". However, what Dean gets when he makes his wish isn't what he expects.



By Gadfly on Feb 8, 2019

Sam and Dean walk into a pawnshop and Sam says that they're looking for the really good stuff and Dean flashes a wad of bills. The clerk takes them into the back and shows them his collection of supernatural items for sale. Dean says that they're looking for skull of Sarah Good, who was executed during the witch trials. The clerk gets the skull out of a safe and says that he picked it up at a flea market, and Dean says that it used to belong to Bart Kemp, A Hunter who was cut in half a week ago.…

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casper1701e posted 2 months ago

Gosh I miss JDM on this show! Really glad I get to see him on TWD, but yes, I still miss him being home here...what an excellent episode!

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