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The hunt for a new monster goes awry when Dean is knocked unconscious, releasing Michael from his imprisonment. The archangel seeks out a new host body, and only one person can stop him.

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By Gadfly on Mar 8, 2019

At a house in Raton, New Mexico, a man is making dinner using pieces from a corpse that he's ripped open. A snake curls around the dead man's head as the cook, Noah Ophis, batters the corpse's liver, fries, it, and cooks it. He plucks an eye out of the body and eats it, his eyes turning snakelike. He sees Sam and Dean enter the house, gun drawn, and tells his snake Felix that they're on the way and leaves. Later, Sam Dean, Castiel, and Jack enter the house and find dinner cooking on the stove…

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LeonKennedy posted 3 years ago

I've been watching this show for a lifetime. To see it end only reminds me that I'd lose a part of my childhood.

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