Oliver learns that Emiko is concealing things from him, and tries to redeem her. The team faces a new threat--the Ninth Circle--while Laurel tries to get testimony from a reluctant witness.



By Gadfly on Mar 26, 2019

The Past A young Emiko hears Robert and her mother Kazumi arguing. He warns that Moira will take everything if he lets his lover stay. He leaves and sees Emiko, and he explains that she and Kazumi are going to live somewhere better. Robert reluctantly leaves despite Emiko's pleas for him to stay. Now Emiko and Oliver spare with bokkens and talk about their pasts. Emiko says that she had a good teacher and Oliver disarms her. He talks about how Thea always wanted a sister, and Emiko says…

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Episode Discussion

casper1701e posted 14 days ago

How many times do people have to burn Oliver before he gets it thru his head that some people, even so-called family, just aren't redeemable.

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