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The Sign

Izel uses Flint's powers to open a gateway to her dimension and bring her people through. Melinda tries to convince Sarge that he's a good person with or without Coulson, and Deke has enough of everyone looking down on him.



By Gadfly on Aug 3, 2019

At the temple, Flint hears the imprisoned Mack and Yo-Yo talking to Izel as he materializes. He wonders how he's there, and Mack tells Flint to go. Izel says that he's just a boy, and says that his "friends" fear him. Yo-Yo and Mack tell him to stop, but Flint exerts his control over earth and prepares to throw a rock fragment at Izel. She realizes that he's special, and Izel easily catches the fragment and figures that Flint can build the monoliths. Izel possesses him and walks to the center of…

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Episode Discussion

casper1701e posted 9 months ago

Oh no...Sarge/Coulson what have you done??

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