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End of the World

As the Apocalypse draws nigh, Jesse fights the Saint, Tulip fights Cassidy, Jesus fights Hitler, Lara goes up against Starr, and God waits in the stands.

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By Gadfly on Sep 28, 2019

In North Dakota, a female soldier goes to a missile silo. She presents an envelope with orders to the commander, and then the woman and one of the base operatives shoot the commander and the other operator. They remove their uniforms, revealing Grail suits, and tune to the Revue. Humperdoo's performance--and the Apocalypse--start in just under nine minutes. Cassidy tells Humperdoo that the dancing will be fine. God is with them, and says that it's time for him to go out. Cassidy wonders why G…

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Episode Discussion

Myshows posted 8 months ago

Fitting end.

Gislef posted a year ago

I think that was kind of the point that evil people like Starr don't always get their comeuppance. Even if they deserve it.

But Starr was at least true to himself. He was a bastard, and never denied it. Heck, he embraced it.

Gislef posted a year ago

The TVCom review is here:

casper1701e posted a year ago

Except for Starr not getting his comeuppance (although that was comical as usual), excellent, excellent ending...thank you!

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