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Welcome to Hong Kong

In the present, Oliver and Diggle scour Hong Kong for a scientist the Monitor wants, and are joined by Tatsu, Laurel, and Lyla. In 2040, Zoe leads Connor and Mia to a bar where they believe JJ is going.

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By Gadfly on Oct 23, 2019

As he travels between worlds, Oliver relieves his life. He wakes up on a bed in a cheap apartment, and the Monitor warns him not to interfere. The Monitor explains that he redirected Oliver after he intervened to save Laurel on Earth-2. The alien says that a world being wiped from existence is a herald of what is to come, and informs Oliver that everyone there is no more. The Monitor says that Diggle and Dinah are nearby, and if Oliver fails then all Earths will be destroyed. Oliver insists that…

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Episode Discussion

casper1701e posted 4 years ago

Yeah the future garbage is just that...garbage.

JuanArango posted 4 years ago

I think it is good that the show will end with this season.

Zlogorek posted 4 years ago

⠀And flashforwards are the worst part of this season.

Zlogorek posted 4 years ago

⠀Lyla with "Hi, honey" - the best appearance.

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