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It's Summer and We're Running Out of Ice

In a world not so different from our own, policemen wear masks to protect their identities so their loved ones can't be harmed by criminals. The 7th Kavalry, a supremacist group, emerges from hiding with a plan that threatens the world. And somewhere, the Lord of the Manor writes a play as squids rain down from the sky.

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By Gadfly on Oct 22, 2019

A silent movie plays of a sheriff being pursued by a man in a mask and cape. The man finally lassos Bass and pulls him from his horse. The congregation comes out from a nearby church and the preacher asks the masked man what he's done to their sheriff. The masked man says that the sheriff is a scoundrel who stole their cattle and doesn't deserve his badge. When the preacher wonders who the stranger is, the stranger removes his mask to reveal that he's Bass Reeves, the Black Marshal of Oklahoma.…

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Episode Discussion

pithawg posted 3 years ago

For those whom have no understanding i would suggest being tolerant of the script. The writing is amazing, the acting is on par with the movie and the intrigue is complex. It may be to cryptic in its infancy. Stay tuned ... its a WILD ride. A good ol' mystery. Bring out the gobolinks? Bravo for staying clear of the movie script. Having seen so much crappy television this is a welcome change. Enjoy what you do not comprehend and love your imagination. Sadly, The Original writer (Monetary Squabble) would have fashioned a masterpiece. So Sad.

KiAgengGurubesar posted 3 years ago

Don Johnson supposed to play for 9 episode and yet his character is dead at the end of the pilot episode? I'm very disappointed with the pilot. The story is very confusing and pilot supposed to raise your interest on the series? How could you raise interest with sporadic event that is almost unrelated to each other???

JuanArango posted 3 years ago

Probably the worst pilot I have seen this year, now I understand why Alan Moore did not want to have anything to do with it.

Hanii posted 3 years ago

Felt a little slow and even a little haphazard to start but I'm intrigued, I've only waited 10 years for this, I'll give it a fair chance.

Also, part filmed in Wales so I'm on board.

tnt posted 3 years ago

Good and well paced, and Reznor's music really sets the right mood. Could be even darker though, but I suppose it will be. Anyways, much better than most of DC shows on CW.

DenisMoulin posted 3 years ago

Maybe I was over expecting from this ... But this is a very slow start ... Not sure I will endure much more than this as an intro, so better start telling some story in the second episode ...

LeonKennedy posted 3 years ago

What an absolute trash of a series... I was so looking for it.

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