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Annalise discovers there's a surprise witness who threatens her case; Connor tries to persuade the K3 to go along with a new plan; a lie between Frank and Bonnie threatens their relationship as the killer is finally revealed.

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Episode Discussion

casper1701e posted 3 days ago

It was an almost perfect ending...almost because Michaela s/b in prison for life...just for existing!  But perfect in every other way...thank you for a great ending to a great show.  Although, I am very sad about Frank and Bonnie, but at least Frank took that despicable woman governor with him.

hotpants posted 11 days ago

I loved the ending and happy no one killed of AK. Sad for Frank and Bonnie but at least they are together forever. Took me a few minute to realise its Christopher and not Wes. It hit me when he asked Laurel who Oli and Connor were.` AK defending speech was brilliant. 

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