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Books from Beyond

Ruby interrogates one of the Deadites at the Maxwell farm. Meanwhile, Ash and his new allies visit Books From Beyond, and Lionel has the owner summon a lesser demon to decipher the Necronomicon for them.

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By Gadfly on Nov 15, 2015

Ruby drives through the night and finally arrives at the Maxwell farm. She finds the Maxwells’ graves outside and one of the crosses shakes and then falls over. She reaches to touch it and the Deadite possessing Kelly’s father reaches up and grabs her wrist. Ruby pulls free and then hauls the Deadite out of the grave. When he refuses to confirm that Ash was there, Ruby impales him on the other cross and asks if Ash had the Necronomicon. The Deadite laughs, saying that she’s hasn’t learned a thin…

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Episode Discussion

JuanArango posted 4 years ago

Great episode with some neat special effects :)

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